Today: Live Coverage of Apple’s “Latest Creation” Media Event


Quick reminder that today at 10AM PST Apple will be holding its “Latest Creation” Media Event. TheAppleBlog will be there providing you a steady stream of updates on everything announced.

You can get your live coverage fix via two methods tomorrow.

TheAppleBlog Live — This is the fastest way to get updates and the most interactive. In addition to our own updates (with text and photos), you can send in a comment/thought/observation and if we feel it’s relevant, we’ll post it for the thousands of others reading the updates. Our coverage will start around an hour before the event begins.

TheAppleBlog Twitter — We’ll be tweeting updates here, so be sure to follow @theappleblog.



I stopped going to carnivals when I was 17. That’s where predictions belong – at the crystal ball booth.


prediction: this product will either FAIL or cannibalize their laptop business but will not be additive.

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