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Third Parties Already Developing for Apple’s iPad

While the iPad will run all current iPhone and iPod touch applications (either in 1x or 2x sizes), the newest SDK (available today) supports iPad specific development. Below are a handful of apps from developers who were given a head start of about two weeks to show what they could do for the iPad.


One of (if not the) largest game developers in the App Store, Gameloft demo’d their first person shooter, Nova. Multitouch interaction with full screen first-person shooting glory — from the sounds of it, not bad for only a couple weeks of lead time.

The New York Times

In an extremely short time frame, the 150 year old newspaper has brought a beautiful digital rendition of its publication to the iPad. Full screen perusal of the newspaper looks incredible (also demo’d earlier by Steve), and may be the closest I get to reading the morning news with a plate of chocolate chip cookies (as my dad used to do).


An art browser and sketch pad that allows you to paint. Reminds me of the Caricature artist’s drawing pads you find at county fairs. It looks a lot deeper in capability than just caricatures of course , and I’m betting that this app will be somewhat of a defining demo for this type of device. Artists will likely love the marriage of iPad and Brushes.

Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed: Shift demo’d in full-screen glory. An amazing driver-seat view of racing goodness, where you can touch the rear view mirror to get a better view of the competition fast approaching from behind. The graphics and clarity look amazing! Apple (s aapl) is definitely going to hit the gaming industry hard with this device.


One of the early demos when third party apps came about was the MLB application for tracking game scores and live action. Well they’re back, and this looks cooler than ever. If you’re a MLB fan, this will be a no-brainer for you. Using a live feed of data, the game data is modeled in realtime, complete with actual inline video feed of the game itself. Oh, and Boxscores across the top to keep tabs on all the happenings around the league.

So in just about two weeks, five developers have turned out some seriously impressive apps to run natively in full screen on the iPad. Imagine what some of those hundreds of developers will do with this device and a month! We’ll get a chance to find out in just 60 days. Until then, save your pennies.

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  1. goodbuddytodd

    I think there are still a couple of questions up on the table for me… will this device be used as a phone as well? I know the whole point of the device is to combine most of the things you do everyday into one device, so I assumed a phone would be one of them, but its a little big to hold to your head, and there isnt a video camera on it that I can see, so no video conferencing either… also, I really hate that it still need to sync to an actual computer. Why can’t it be its own standalone device that needs no help from an actual computer?

    In other words, why can’t it function on its own? Why does it still need to sync?