Tablet Specs Leaked — ARCHOS 7 Internet Tablet, That Is


The specs are here! The specs are here! ARCHOS is super-sizing its 5″ Internet Tablet and allegedly making a 7″ slate. Wait — what tablet did you think I was talking about? Is there some other one expected today that I don’t know about? ;)

jkkmobile received a tip on the latest ARCHOS creation and shares all of the anticipated technical specs. Like its smaller brother, this tabby will run Google Android, but not offer the full Android experience, which is one of the challenges ARCHOS must overcome for mainstream sales. Without key functions like the Android Market out of the box, everyday people are going to be disappointed. I realize that the challenge is that Google has certain hardware requirements for inclusion of the full Android experiences, but in the end, ARCHOS has to sell it. And yes, there are hacks and mods to get some apps, but again, those activities are geared toward a niche audience.

Aside from the larger display, this features looks much like the current model, although there is a web-cam in the bezel. No word on the processor, so perhaps it will see a bump. But I’m wishing ARCHOS would use the extra screen space to increase the resolution — sticking with 800 x 480 is a missed opportunity for a 7″ device, although it’s good enough. jkkmobile says we’ll see an 8 GB model in March for around $245.


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