Tablet Specs Leaked — ARCHOS 7 Internet Tablet, That Is


The specs are here! The specs are here! ARCHOS is super-sizing its 5″ Internet Tablet and allegedly making a 7″ slate. Wait — what tablet did you think I was talking about? Is there some other one expected today that I don’t know about? ;)

jkkmobile received a tip on the latest ARCHOS creation and shares all of the anticipated technical specs. Like its smaller brother, this tabby will run Google Android (s goog), but not offer the full Android experience, which is one of the challenges ARCHOS must overcome for mainstream sales. Without key functions like the Android Market out of the box, everyday people are going to be disappointed. I realize that the challenge is that Google has certain hardware requirements for inclusion of the full Android experiences, but in the end, ARCHOS has to sell it. And yes, there are hacks and mods to get some apps, but again, those activities are geared toward a niche audience.

Aside from the larger display, this features looks much like the current model, although there is a web-cam in the bezel. No word on the processor, so perhaps it will see a bump. But I’m wishing ARCHOS would use the extra screen space to increase the resolution — sticking with 800 x 480 is a missed opportunity for a 7″ device, although it’s good enough. jkkmobile says we’ll see an 8 GB model in March for around $245.



As a recent recipient of an Archos A5A, I can tell you that the 7″ had better have 512MB of RAM. The 5″ model only has 256MB, of which only about 103MB is available to the user. Without the use of an aggressive memory management tool like TasKiller, the 5″ model is continually freezing up and then crashing.

I also favour the installation of rear and front-side cameras so you can use apps like Wikitude, Google Goggles, Barcode Scanner, etc.

google seriously needs to relax those requirements, as right now its acting as a real damper on the potential uses of android!


I like the look of this device. The only thing against it (without rooting it and adding them in) is the lack of the Google apps -with gmail etc, the device would be very useful.

I’ll probably wait for the Tegra 2 based devices to be launched before taking the jump.


If it had a 9″ screen (and ran Android, unlike the Archos 9), a PixelQi display, and maybe had the full Google experience … I’d definitely be interested. But the 9″/10″ screen size, with Android, and a PixelQi display are the things that make me pretty fixed on buying the Notion Ink Adam. Anyone who wants to distract me from that device is going to have to at least offer me those 3 things.


with the same resolution, might as well get the 5″ so it will be pocketable.

the good thing is, with the disappointment of todays iPad really just being a “big” iPhone, this means that Android has a HUGE chance of competing in the mid sized 5-10″ tablet space now.


I can see some Archos 5 Owners that will be pissed abut this news. They did not have a 7″ option when they bought their Archos 5 and the price point is not much of a difference.


+1 on the resolution comment, Kevin – that’s acceptable resolution for a 5″ device, but something 7″ or larger needs at least 1024 x 600, in my mind. Nice price point, though. =)


Having an Archos 5 with Android I think this needs:
– capacitive screen with better response
– multitouch (goes with capacitive screen)
– slightly more apealing media player which is otherwise better than anything available on a PMP.
Having these features at 245$ it will be a hit, even if it has only 8 GB. It would help to have a full SD card slot since there are cheap 32 GB cards available. If it also has a 3G SIM slot I’ll have two please!

Kevin C. Tofel

Not a typo. It’s a strict conversion from the source info which is in GBP, not USD$. Bear in mind that the anticipated price is for a unit with only 8 GB of internal storage.

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