Psst! The Mobile World Congress is Coming Soon!


There’s a secret in the mobile world just dying to get out, and you know what it is. The biggest smartphone show in the world will be happening in just a few weeks in Spain. That’s right, you heard it here first (most likely), the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is knocking at the door!

The MWC will see all of the major players in the phone game assemble in one very big place, all vying to show off the latest and greatest things coming off their product lines. There’s even a rumor that Windows Mobile 7 might get discussed! No, seriously, it might!

So forget about this little event today, after all it’s just one company showing off one product. The MWC will be the greatest show on earth for those in the mobile game. Honest.


Katrina P

I think that we can assume that apps for Windows Mobile 7 must be coded in Silverlight. A big change from today’s WinMo apps.

The rumors of a WinMo dual-OS strategy are interesting. Multiple OS versions is fairly typical of Microsoft, but adds to the confusion. A business & consumer version of WinMo seems completely unnecessary. Unless Microsoft wants to keep its 6.5 OS running longer, but that will be impossible, considering the rate of market share loss that occurs each quarter.

Re iPad: The Pad / Slate market will be an interesting one to follow. So much is moving to the ARM architecture now (slates, phones, smartbooks). Microsoft can only watch from the sidelines, as its current Windows Mobile doesn’t cut it for these devices.

Microsoft has the almost insurmountable task of getting Windows Mobile 7 to a level that will take people’s attention away from Android and iPhone. Not only that, but Windows Mobile needs to work on all those other ARM devices as well.


Actually I’m much more interested by all the WinMo7/Zune/Project Pink/XBox rumours that are floating around in relation to MWC than I am by the prospect of an oversized iPhone. Whether or not Microsoft successfully pull of the integration that so many people have been waiting for remains to be seen but if they do it will be much more interesting than Apple’s deal with magazine publishers. I mean, who the hell reads magazines any more???

I’m slightly interested to see how Apple will try and market tablets but can’t really be bothered with all this childish “Jesus Tablet” nonsense or the equally silly Steve Jobs hagiography that sites like Gizmodo are wasting their time with.


WM7 news is much more interesting to me too. If they can pull of deep integration between XBOX/Zune/Pink services it will be the greatest tech story of the year if only because so many people lack confidence in Microsoft to do anything worthwhile these days.

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