Photo Gallery: January 27 iPad Event


Here are a slew of photos (some significant, others pretty boring) from our coverage of today’s iPad event, starting with our wait in line and through the event itself. Enjoy.


benjamin Schmidt

The iPad definitely is NOT a giant iPod Touch. So much more. The iWork suite. Brushes for iPad. The Organizer. iBooks. So many things make this thing! I would love to see some of the features trickle down to the iPhone OS 4.0!

Lola Catero

Looks great! Wish I was at the event.

Funny quote from the Huffington Post, “I suspect a room full of female computer engineers would not have named Apple’s new cyber tablet the ‘iPad.”

Despite the funny name, I doubt it will affect sales. The iPad will change the world. Can’t wait to get one!

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