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Apple iPad Poll — Are You Buying It?

That mystical unicorn we knew as the Apple (s aapl) tablet is here. But will you be purchasing an Apple iPad? After reviewing all of the specifications and pricing, I’m personally not sure it’s right for me at this point. In fact, I’m thinking this is more of a smartbook than anything else. ;) Perhaps I’ll change my mind after giving it some thought — and there’s plenty of time for that since the device won’t be shipping for at least 60 days.

That gives us a chance to pick your brains and see if you’re planning to purchase an iPad. Have at it in the poll! And if you’re not yet sure, just see what everyone else is saying in these comments — there’s quite a few interesting opinions there!

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73 Responses to “Apple iPad Poll — Are You Buying It?”

  1. Don’t forget this puppy will run 140,000+ applications right outa the box !

    I can see a lot of business applications using the new UI API capabilities demonstrated in the iWork app. For example this would make a great slate for classroom exams or nurse logging etc.

  2. Nameless

    No Wacom, no sale. I was hoping for a 21st-century Newton MessagePad, and instead got a bigger iPod touch.

    I’ll wait for the Microsoft Courier concept to be realized instead-a tablet (or booklet, in this case) interface that realizes the pen’s importance, and would probably make a nice thin-and-light alternative to this powerful-but-bulky Gateway E-295C/C-142XL if I expect to only be taking notes or perhaps sketching.

    • johnkzin

      So, you basically want the EnTourage eDGe?

      Courier (“dual book”/”dual slate”) format? check
      Wacom “penabled” screen? check — the e-paper (“left”) screen.
      Color touchscreen? check — the “right” screen is color LCD.
      e-book deals? check.
      convenient app store? check (it’s Android based)

  3. Gene Butler

    I currently have an iMac, a MBP, and an iPhone. I usually watch tv while using my MBP in my lap. I like to run multiple apps, and use Skype for video chats to friends while I watch TV on my big screen. With no camera, I see no reason to buy this. I read books on my iPhone, and do email on my MBP. I play a few games while I am commuting to work on my iPhone. I don’t know when I would use this. My question: Why do I need this????

  4. Roy @ OKC

    Too many ‘nopes’ to even think about it:

    – Able to write on it? Nope
    – PixelQi screen or similar or similar for non-backlit reading? Nope
    – Convenient size for carrying around? Nope
    – Under 1 pound? Nope

    Sorry, Steve, no iPad for me.

    • Get real!

      You can type on it. I don’t know any netbook that you can write on without really messing up the screen.

      There is no product released yet that has a PixelQi screen. And the PixelQi screen hasn’t started mass production yet.

      I’m not getting one either as I don’t have a need for it, but I’m not going to make up stupid reasons.

      • johnkzin

        According to PixelQi, they have ramped up for mass production. And there may not be a _released_ product with a PixelQi screen, but the iPad isn’t a _released_ product either. It’s an _announced_ product.

        There IS an announced product with a PixelQi display. The Notion Ink Adam.

        There’s no reasonable statement that Apple couldn’t have made that a feature of the iPad.

      • Roy @ OKC


        Please get real yourself. Perhaps you should understand the available technologies before slamming other people’s comments as you have in at least 3 posts.

        Why should I be limited to typing on something named i’Pad’. I was able to write on PDAs some 10 years ago, so why not on this? (I’ll grant that text recognition wasn’t great and normal handwriting recognition didn’t exist then, but again, that was a decade ago). I want something that I can write notes on (don’t care too much if it can recognize all handwriting) and sketch simple drawings on while in meetings.

        The PixelQi screen predecessor has been around for a while in the OLPC netbooks that have sold, what, in excess of a million units. Also, don’t you think that if Apple had contracted with PixelQi that perhaps the production schedule would have worked out to meet shipping needs? I really doubt that Steve Jobs just thought this up last week and slapped it together.

        Also, last time I looked, this was Apple releasing this, not JoeBub’s Komputer Factory. Apple has the resources to create a much more technologically cutting-edge device than this.

        Just because my reasons for not purchasing one (realistically, at any price, no matter how low, in this case) should not equate to you defending the device and inferring that I don’t know what I’m talking about nor what I want/need.

        Oh, and please don’t call me an Apple hater as I do have an Apple laptop which is a very good product. I was quite excited to see the price as I followed the announcement; however, the specs just don’t work for me.

  5. I like the idea of having one of these to keep in the family room/kitchen/dining room area to read my rss feeds while eating or just to surf the web while watching some tv. I do this all the time with my iPhone but a little more screen would be nice sometimes. It also wouldn’t give you sweaty thighs like my laptop does when sitting on the couch. I agree that this is an oversized iPhone and I wish there was multi-tasking, maybe when 4.0(or 5.0 or 6.0) comes out.

    I think everyone is missing the point of this device(no, I am not an apple fan boy, I don’t even own a mac). It is not meant to replace a Macbook or PC which is evident since you still sync it via USB(the real innovation would be WiFi syncing at night) to a regular computer. Archos has been making tablets like this running Windows or CE or WinMo but does anyone really love their WinMo device? Does your UMPC, netbook, smartbook, smartphone really replace a desktop or 13-15 laptop? No, it supplements it and that is why we use them, they are portable, convenient and cool in a techie sort of way.

    I can see lots of uses for this in ways I wouldn’t or don’t want to use my iPhone or laptop. With all of the rumors swirling around the past few months I was sure that it would cost at least $800 which makes it very hard to justify as a second computer. But at $500 I am considering it since I can watch movies on the plane, or my daughter can play her games on this just like she does on my iPhone. It would also be great for reading books which is something I do a lot on my phone. Plus this is would be great for non-techies like parents, grandparents or friends who call you all the time because their computer is not working.

    Kevin, how about a challenge? You proved you can work with just living in the cloud, how about just living with the iPad as your only computer for a month?

    • What DogStar describes is what I believe Apple wants in a market.

      Slates are not new, if you were not interested or want a slate before you probably won’t want one now. Apple knows how to take a device like an MP3 player and make it into something you can’t live without. How to make a smartphone into ‘the’ smartphone.

      I have had the litany of devices WinMo slates, XP tablets, Nokia slate, smart phones (Rim, iPhone). The form factor is proven (think verticals), the various OSes, lack of Apps and network connectivity have failed for everyday use.

      Apple extending the iPhone eco system to the iPad is key to success. I don’t want to buy a digital photo frame device ($175 dreamscreen), a ebook reader ($259 nook,kindle), a kitchen computer, a netbook, home automation interface, etc. This device fills a gap that those static product will just never really deliver. I would however multitask a slate for such purposes.

      I think there is an untapped market for young computer users. They could skip right past desktops and laptops and start using slates like the iPad as their main device that wont break the bank and have all the software they could ever want.

  6. They chose the wrong name for this device in my opinion. iPad suggests a writing pad or notepad… you can’t write anything on this…no pen input means no for me.

  7. What I think now, since a well known brand gives world a (another) tablet the China clone industry will be on extra swing. I have feelings that they already have worked on something for it or maybe they will just parepare Windows XP or 7. What they will do now is copy its body with their own alteration and start making tablets like Apple has been making rumors.

    So, in very near future we will be seeing tablets that will actually useful in less price with higher specs from China.

  8. I can’t afford one right now, but even if I could, I doubt I would buy one. This just seems to me to be thee natural progression from what MS started with the UMPC. (By that, I mean updated updated with where the technology has progressed since late 2005/early 2006.)

    I still don’t see anybody who insists on a physical keyboard being overly interested in this.

    All of this won’t stop the Apple/Jobs fanboys from gushing over this as the answer to all of our problems.

    Apple may call it the iPad, but we all know it might as well be called the Jesus tablet.

  9. zenpilgrim

    It’s just my ipod touch on steroids…and it won’t fit in my pocket. I think we need to stop referring to it as a tablet or even a slate, both form factors have been defined in the past and both included handwriting input and ink to text recognition. If Jobs had whipped out a stylus and started writing notes on it then I might consider it but for now…no ipad for me.

  10. wow, i feel pretty let down.

    an over-glorified iPhone? really?? and a name that sounds almost like iPod??? makes me wonder if that was on purpose.

    still, i was on the fence between one of these or LED HDTV. looks like that 50″ LED HDTV won this round! :)

    • But at least the iPhone has 3G (I am not being charged an extra $150 for it…. when it does work) my 3GS also has a camera.
      I expected much more, I see no reason to have a 3GS and this.
      No thanks Steve.
      And a bigger NO is you charging extra for the camera, USB, SD reader..

  11. I am so confused. A few years ago I carried around a usable dumb phone and a marvelous Palm TX. Two devices which served their intended purpose. Then I was confronted with a wild hoard of convergence commandos. “Why carry two devices when you can do all things with one?” After recovering from my injuries, I purchased a Blackberry to placate the gods. Now Brother Jobs tells me I need to again carry two devices; a smart phone to do all things I used to do with two devices and an ipad to do the same things my one device now does; only better. Dang, now what do I do? Wait, what is that in the distance? Oh crap, I gotta go; it’s a wild hoard of dual device commandos.

  12. johnkzin

    the Good:
    3G is optional, but not split into two different product lines
    10″ screen
    Lots of good media vendor support ties (the book publishers)
    dock with built-in keyboard
    don’t have to re-buy apps between iPhone/iPod-Touch/iPad

    the Bad:
    iPhone OS X instead of Mac OS X
    LCD display instead of PixelQi display
    the dock only works in portrait orientation
    no KVM support (that I’ve heard of, yet)

    I think I’m going to stick with the Notion Ink Adam as my tablet-of-desire for the moment.

      • If you go on the Apple site and check out the iPad site that you can add on to, there are two SD and SDHC card readers accessories that plug into the USB/charger slot of the iPad. This is a non-issue

    • I’m sure if you go out and ask every body on the street if they’d consider buying (or not) the iPad because it doesn’t have KVM, you’ll just get a blank stare.

      P.S. What is KVM?

      • johnkzin

        Who cares if other people would or wouldn’t buy it with or without a KVM? I can only give my opinion based upon my requirements, and whether or not the device meets those requirements.

        KVM == Keyboard/Video/Mouse, generally referring to switches for supporting multiple computers with 1 keyboard/monitor/mouse. Essentially, I want to be able to use (my tablet, Apple or not) with my home/work desk KVM switch. So it needs to have VGA/DVI/HDMI out, and USB keyboard support (mouse is optional, but desired). I already do this with my netbook, for example.

  13. “Yes a lot of people will buy it because it has an Apple badge on it and because it is first to market but we already know there are lots more of these to come.”

    I don’t get it – it’s not the first tablet to market. There are lots of tablets – e.g., there is the Archos 5a, which runs Android – plays hd videos, has a wifi copnnection, has apps. The concept of a big tablet is not new. There is the Viliv 5, which runs XP and many others, perhaps more obscure. 5″, 7″. tehre is teh Archos 9, which runs Windows 7 – and has apps!

    I agree that now that Apple has a tablet less techy people might consider tablets. But I see nothing innovative here – an oversized iPod Touch.

    • Yes but the Archos has not had all the hype of the $$$ marketing that will go with this or the press fawning over how Jobs says it is “Evolutionary”.

      Ask Mr Joe Average on the street and most of them will never have heard of Archos but everybody is familiar with the Apple brand.

      As far as most people (not those like us who live and breath this stuff) are concerned, the guy in the street, this is new and they will buy it.

      • Agreed.. Cheaper, Divx/Xvid/MKV support.. not to mention a much smaller footprint (pocketable, even) and expandable storage. The only advantage is the more seamless software integration on apple’s side (The Archos has a weird mix of Android and Archos software).

        I can’t see iPhone users wanting a bigger, more cumbersome version of what they already have.. and those who don’t.. I can’t imagine someone wanting to bring something like this around with them all the time.

  14. I will never ever buy one of these but I think that Apple has launched it is great news.


    Because people will copy it.

    Yes a lot of people will buy it because it has an Apple badge on it and because it is first to market but we already know there are lots more of these to come.

    At first glance it is little more than a big browser (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). So there is no reason for the likes of HTC to copy it building on Windows CE or Windows Embedded or Android or something else.

    And unlike the iPhone which lets be honest from a non techie end user point of view was light years ahead, the iPad isn’t. So I am really expecting this bar to be raised over and over this year as others enter the market.

    So thank you Apple for firing the starting pistol on the 2010 tablet race now lets see what the other manufacturers have to offer.

    • It doesn’t matter what they offer because it’ll be running a desktop OS, which is why PC tablets have failed and will continue to do so.

      Microsoft thinks they can “optimize” a desktop OS for touch and it’ll work. No. RIM thinks they can “optimize” a trackball OS for touch and it’ll work. No.

      Apple felt you needed a bona-fide touch OS with a bona-fide touch API. They were right.

    • The multitasking bit does not bother me one bit on these kind of mobile gadgets because Apple has addressed this problem by making sure that when you go back to an application that you have quit before, you will always start at the point when you last quit it. This gives you the continuity you need without consuming more energy than in multitasking.

  15. Rick Gibson

    I won’t be buying one too big, I like the portability of iPhone/iPod Touch. I could see my wife, who is a photographer, using one to proof photos away from the studio — they have a camera connection kit for the thing.

  16. Christian

    If I didn’t recently get the Kindle 2, I would absolutely buy this thing. But since I have the Kindle 2, I’d have to pass. Anyone want to buy a Kindle 2 … ?

  17. The iPad is NOT designed for people that create content (written, audio or video). It is designed for the majority of us who consume content. You’re right to compare it to a “smart book,” (I never did figure out the difference between a netbook w/mobile connection and a smartbook).

    Hi Res video, ebook reader, web browsing… for the bulk of us, that’s total connectivity. It will never replace a portable computer, it will never replace the mobile, but it will go to war with the netbook, the MIDs, tablets, UMPCs, JooJoo, eBook Readers and more.

    • ‘The iPad is NOT designed for people that create content (written, audio or video)’

      I’d disagree a bit with that. Clearly, content consumption will be where the device excels, but it will be possible to do a lot of content creation through existing Apps. iWork is available for it, there’s blogging Apps, you can record audio onto it, photo editing, video editing – all are possible to greater or lesser extent now, and no doubt capability will be extended through further App development.

      And let’s not forget everything you can currently do in the cloud and with webapps.

    • The iPad will also lose the war to netbooks, UMPCs, MIDs, etc. Let’s see this thing play 1080p .mkv’s @ 20 Mbps with subtitles. Any device with the Intel GMA 500 can do that. How about Flash? A lot of sites use Flash not just for video but for actual UI elements too.

      I won’t be buying this oversized iPhones with its limited mobile OS.

    • Jimminie

      how about you ust tell them this: