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Apple iPad: Hands-on Demo and Interviews

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After today’s iPad announcement Om took the opportunity to interview John Doerr, Josh Quittner and David Carr as well as catch the iPad in action with a hands-on demo.

Check out the video below for the full run through of interviews and the iPad out in the wild.

17 Responses to “Apple iPad: Hands-on Demo and Interviews”

  1. Yep – I think no one quite gets it yet, its like everyone is disappointed or don’t know how to react or just venting frustration because they expected it to also make them coffee, massage their backs as well as auto respond to emails whilst at the same time, doing the vacuuming and ironing for them.

    Duh, this pure gold, this is something remarkable, something everyone will want – see Stephen Fry’s comments on the beeb website summed it up perfectly, something like, “its gorgeous, stunningly beautiful, I want to fondle it and lick it! Very funny but perfectly put. see – under the technology section.

  2. I think the average user is going to see this as an disappointment since the expectations associated to this release were extremely high. From that perspective the release is a let down. I don’t think so they did anything significant from an engineering perspective in terms of the user experience in this product which was a bigger let down than any of the specific features like flash etc. Will the product be a success. I think they are betting on the user and business community to develop applications on it. I think the maturity and the creativity of the applications will determine its long term success. Given that they now have a thriving eco- system in that space, the probability of that might be high and yes of course the next versions of this will definitely address some of the nagging issues left open with this release.

    • I want one and everyone who has an iphone will get one
      It is the only thing out there that is new tech wise, anyway
      you may not think it won’t sell but just you wait and see.
      I know a money maker when I smell one,
      Dr. office can use one , when you go to the hospital
      when you are sitting in bed a nurse can have one
      school can have app made just for them
      don’t forget car dealers when you bring your car back for service , they will all have one .

  3. goodbuddytodd

    Aright SERIOUSLY, no flash Apple? This is 2010! For crying out loud, that would be like owning an Xbox 360 and not being able to download games from Live!
    But in all seriousness, this device needs to be able to record video, watch flash, and be able to do pretty much anything a laptop can do to be successful. How hard would it have been to put the nano’s video camera in this thing, i mean seriously? At least you got the 3G right, well… sorta. We still HAVE to use At&t, you should offer OPTIONS.
    Im going to wait for the second generation of this incarceration to come out before I think about getting it. Once you get it right.

    • I have to say, I tend to agree with you on one point, where the heck is the web cam video. It could have doubled up as a camera but not to include it is a real disappointment. It was the icing on the cake and would have sealed the deal for many people. The problem with web cams on computers is that you can’t pick it up and do a guided tour of your house or people in your room a laptop is too cumbersome and this would have been perfect. Whether it was a time issue, a 3G limitation or just a strategy that people will buy these now and then upgrade later is my only guess. This is a game even life changing device that I can see used in schools, hospitals, homes and even businesses. We haven’t even begun to realise the potential of this baby. I mean, 2 month standby battery life, that is fantastic. Its like having a live magazine in your house, pick up anytime, check the internet, mail etc. Its cool, its simply gorgeous and everyone will want to touch it. Gen 2 will be a killer no doubt but this is not a replacement for a laptop its something fabulous. I just want to see how it will eventually tie with their other devices like Apple TV for example. As for flash, who cares any more, I mean 75 million iphone users already don’t.

    • When the Iphone came out you can hear the same thing
      people was saying what was wrong but yet every phone
      want to be one, as you may ponder about Apple product
      they are smart people , they left a lot of the things out
      to make money , don’t you get it, if it had everything you
      want on it, the cost would be more than a lot of people
      are willing to pay , so sit back and you will see ,people
      are going to wait inline for hours just like they did for the Iphone.
      I love it, can’t wait to get one.

  4. No Flash saves the planet. Flash should given a green rating of ZERO.

    Not using Flash for me saves me power, my computer is quieter, and my computer doesn’t slow down, saves me bandwidth. Flash is not a technology fit for 2010.

    • yup, yup and absolutely yup. All we hear about is flash, flash, flash. If Adobe had anything about them they would work with Apple to get it right. Instead it does consume way too much power, prone to viruses buggy etc. etc. Its so yesterday technology HTML 5 is the way forward. What will result is that more and more people will simply stop using or if they don’t they will miss out on some 75 million plus users.

  5. buffer72

    Dictionary: gap·ple (găp’É™l)

    n. The distance between the features Apple should have delivered and what they actual did on the new iPon*.

    Dictionary: i·Pon (ipon)

    n. dont ask.

  6. Thank you so much for including a 600+ MB file in your RSS feed from this article, it caused Apple Mail to hang my system and my HD to thrash for hours. Could you have just inserted a link to the video? Seriously! I gotta deal with Apple dolling out the dumbest product of all time today I don’t need this aggravate me anymore.