Apple iPad Coverage: Across the GigaOM Network, and the Web


Apple (s aapl) finally took the wraps off of its hotly anticipated tablet — dubbed the iPad — today, at a live event held in San Francisco. In addition to Om live-blogging the event for TheAppleBlog, our network of sites is hard at work reviewing this potentially game-changing device from every imaginable angle. We’ll update you with coverage as it comes in — from both across our network as well as the web — and in the meantime, have also gathered some of our posts written in the past week or so.

From today:

A sampling of coverage leading up to today’s unveiling:



I don’t see this I pad being a mass market item. Most people have one laptop or net book now, if like me I have my big laptop, and then my mini. A lot of people have a desk top computer also, and now you give then the decision on which one to use or take. What about the data phones? My old palm wx700, or my new droid does everything the I pad does only smaller. Much easier to carry I might add, and then what about our good old trusty net books or those 15.4″ laptops? The decision will be to take the good old companion that has traveled with me.
The real question that needs to be asked is will consumers upon needing to get a new computer choose the I pad? Maybe a good share of students sitting at a desk, but even the professional would prefer to take his or her mobile workplace with them, meaning their laptop with all of its full capabilities.
The first review I watched was on msnbc and the gal said “It sounds like a feminine hygiene product”, wow thats an objection to overcome!
In conclusion, the I pad looks like an over-sized I phone thats all.

Bill C.

Jimmy Burnett

If the iPad sells at the right prices I might actually look into buying one of these. I’d pay $500 for a model that supports flash, silverlight and lets me watch Hulu!

courtney benson

OK it’s beautiful, pure eyecandy, but with all the hype I thought we should have seen some real innovative business model come out of this announcement – did I miss something or will it happen because of the iPad? Will businesses that hurt today be transformed because of it. Will Apple change the way people buy services that they now buy from others? Your thoughts!

Brian S Hall

I used CoverItLive on my website to cover the event. And mentioned that this thing has reduced the value of my Kindle to about zero. Oh, well, collector’s items.

Looked like Om was pretty much right on his predictions.


I wonder if the iPad 3G data package is the reason AT&T refused to allow iPhone tethering.

Brian S Hall

I doubt one has to do with the other. AT&T seems to be trying to rethink 3G data plans. They required me to add unlimited data for one of my child’s phones — but at only $10/month.

Also, based solely on Jobs’ presentation, I don’t see much of a need for 3G on this iPad. Maybe a later iteration. I bet very few get the 3G version. This is not a iPhone replacement it is a iPod Touch replacement.

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