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Apple Introduces the iPad

Looking dapper in jeans and a black mock turtle-neck, Steve Jobs took the stage today and officially introduced his iPad to the world. As we’ve been seeing and hearing from so many rumors as of late, it appears as if the iPhone got the super-size treatment, complete with a home button.

At only half an inch thin, and sporting a 9.7″ screen, the iPad weighs in at only one and a half pounds. It’s powered by Apple’s (s aapl) very own chip – the A4 – ans “screams” at 1GHz. Available with 16, 32, or 64GB flash storage, and has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Oh, and you can run it for 10 hours (a month in standby!) while watching videos. Wow! So far, no mention of any cellular carrier connectivity. UPDATE: Carrier details below!

If you’re a current iPhone user, much of the interaction with the iPad looks to be very familiar. For instance, tilting the iPad gives you portrait or landscape viewing — both orientations support a lovely full screen keyboard. It also appears that the app icons on the “home screen” change orientation too.

The software — assumed to be iPhone version 4.0, SDK available now — appears quite familiar, but has been blown-up to support the larger screen. It appears also to allow custom background wallpaper, and sports a very OS X-like dock at the bottom of the screen. And of course, it runs iPhone Apps using “pixel doubling” for full screen mode, or sports a black frame in regular sized mode. As an aside, this looks sick for viewing the likes of New York Times (s nyt) and other ‘print media’ type web content.

We have yet to hear the price, but watch this space and we’ll updated as soon as we know.

UPDATE: We’re now finding out that there will be a 3G-capable version of the iPad, with service from AT&T starting at $14.99 for 250MB per month, and $29.99 for unlimited monthly usage. It’s pre-paid and there is no contract to deal with. International deals are projected to be worked out by June. All 3G models are unlocked, though and will work anywhere globally with new GSM micro SIMs.

As for pricing of the device itself, it starts at $499, which is a very low cost of entry. It will get you the 16GB base model without 3G. $599 will get you the 32GB Wi-Fi only model, and $699 will bump you up to 64GB. With 3G, the prices are $629, $729 and $829 respectively for the different storage capacities.

Shipping will take place within about 90 days for the 3G models, 60 days for those with Wi-Fi only.

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154 Responses to “Apple Introduces the iPad”

  1. hhammack

    “Well when it comes to Microsoft… it’s “Lower Prices, Lower Standards”. Apple has higher standards, and unfortunately higher prices.”

    Oh God, another insecure Apple nutcase. Apple doesn’t have higher standards. Their products are no better than PC products, and do nothing a much cheaper PC couldn’t do. Apple uses it’s over-priced, over-hyped hardware to subsidize their software. That coupled with the small market share is the reason they charge ridiculous prices.

    As for the iPad, it’s one of the most poorly thought out products I’ve ever seen. Nobody asked for a 10 inch iPod Touch, and that’s all this is.

    • Don’t be such a silly person. There are scads of independent reports about the the fact that Apple’s products are of a higher standards then the low-end to middle-level PCs. It’s a fact: Cost of ownership for apple products are lower because of their quality. I have had zero computer failures since 1983 when i bought my first Mac. I have kept each one for an average of 5 yrs. My friends in the PC world are envious. Thiers die after less than 3-4 years. And have way more problems and ned repairs to various components. Read and Weep my friend.

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  4. The only genre I see this iPad being successful is in the “reader” group (ie: Kindle, Sony Reader, etc.)

    Downfalls: No multi-tasking, no camera, no software – just apps, no Flash still, and no advancement in keyboard/touch mechanics.

    Shame, I had high hopes being a Mac fan (have 24″ iMac, 2 iPhones and Macbook). Seems like just an oversized iPhone.

  5. “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Steve Jobs

  6. Apple has always focused in reinventing the way people interact with computers. This is a bridge between a full featured laptop and an iPhone. It is not meant to be a workhorse for a wedding photographer processing 2,000 images. It is for those who want portable computing in an Apple-esque form. It is not for everyone. It is simple. It is brilliant. Just the way Apple works.


    Miami Photographers

  7. Imagine if this had a camera in it. That would make it so much better, particularly for bloggers. It has the potential to be a great tool for the spontaneous blog post, but I think it is really hindered by its ability to publish multimedia content.

  8. As a photographer, the big think that I was interested in was the ability to transfer images via the optional camera connector. The idea of reviewing images in the field on a 10 inch (or so) screen without carrying a laptop around REALLY makes me go HHHHmmmmm.

    But, I think that I’ll be waiting till it is closer to the end of the year. Let them work any potential bugs out and come out with more options.

  9. What a waste of money! I know Apple are suppose to be “innovative” and “exciting” but this is just a BIG Iphone! nothing new here – just a waste of time and resource by the looks of it. I will be very surprised if this doesn’t flop. Seriously, if I wanted a small computer I’d spend the money on a decent netbook that has wireless technology.

  10. The iPad screen is too small and needs more display resolution at least 1280×800 – that black border is wasted space. A larger 15″ display would be welcomed by older readers. This is another damn 21st century smart computing device targeting today’s electronic gizmo consuming youth culture who can put up with tiny screens on their mobile computing devices. Where’s the SD memory card slot!!! Typical PDF textbooks don’t need much space but come on Apple, I have massive amounts of multimedia content that would be nice to access on this type of device. Otherwise, a very stylish device but I’ll wait for v2.

  11. oh.. and there’s just one more thing..

    “best device for surfing the web” and “does not support flash”

    This is inexcusable for such as supposedly powerful platform.

  12. To be honest, I dont think this will work out!

    It is the size of a laptop – has less functionalities and is not very comfortable to use and work. If you want a mobile device – there is the Iphone, if you want a pc – there are many laptops that are under 1kg and are great..

    my 2cents

  13. Ahmet Korkmaz

    They better up their game in version 2 of this. i’m a crazy Apple fanboy, yet disappointed.

    I do see the advances they made for the market as a whole, but c’mon Apple.. we were expecting more.

  14. Overall it looks great, and to be honest the lack of a camera and some of the other stuff are probably due to apple wanting a headline grabbing price.

    What kills me, is that they had the chance to let you run multiple iphone apps together, side by side even – that would have been REALLY COOL. Of course since thats a pure software issue it means we could get it in OS v4.0

    Think I’ll wait to see the new iphone before I decide where to spend my hard earned cash!

  15. Apple does give real effort to their devices. Why don’t you come up with a small hand held device for field video editing. It will be installed with final cut which therefore will enable capture and editing. It should also have fast internet to allow sending of the movie via the internet.
    Am sure it would be a very popular device among we news makers.

  16. Well, I probably won’t get the first generation but I bet they’ll come out with all those features we want like the camera and whatnot in the later generations. I’ll get it when they get all the kinks out and have some more cool things on it. :)