Video Interview From DLD: Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare

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Credit: DLD Official Pic

At DLD yesterday in Munich, I interviewed Dennis Crowley, CEO and co-founder of the currently hot location-based service Foursquare. He touched on a lot of topics in the short 20-minute allotted time, including genesis of Foursquare, adoption of the still-nascent service, and revenue models. The text coverage of the interview, here. Some highlights, also from DLD’s official coverage:
— Foursquare could be tied into all kinds of services. Through location awareness you could hook Foursquare up not just to restaurants, but also deliver content based on context.
— Check-in will become a commodity, every service will have check-in functionality.
— Aggregation could be interesting. And whats the magic that can happen after you checked in?
— Foursquare is lining up interesting partnerships, expect some announcement over the next few months.

The full video, embedded below:

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Wow! Admitting that the ONLY thing you do is being commoditized (already) is pretty amazing.

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