Sling Player Mobile 2.0 for WinMo Gets Finger Friendly


As a long-time Slingbox owner, it’s good to see the mobile software still progressing. While I’m wishing for an Android version of the client, Windows Mobile users keep marching forward — today the company released SlingPlayer Mobile v.2.0 for WinMo 6 touchscreen device owners. And unlike the iPhone version, this software supports either Wi-Fi or 3G streaming of television content from home to your handset.

Near as I can tell, the player got a new coat of paint that eliminates the need for any stylus poking or prodding. The icons are bigger and more finger-friendly, while the guide buttons are optimized as well. Also gone are the Slingbox Finder IDs, which I always thought were a pain — with this version, you can simply use your Sling Account credentials for connecting to registered Slingboxes. Note that you’ll need one of the newer Slingboxes — version 2.0 still technically supports only the SOLO, PRO and PRO HD units.

Folks that own a license of Sling Player Mobile 1.6 can grab the upgrade for free, while everyone else has to pony up $29.99 or download the free trial directly from the Sling site. The app will soon appear in the Windows Marketplace, but there won’t be a free trial available there. And if you’re rather fond of version 1.6, Sling says they’ll keep that version available for download on their site.


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