Oops. McGraw-Hill CEO Confirms Apple Tablet Runs iPhone OS


The veil of secrecy over Apple’s (s aapl) tablet announcement has a few holes in it now. The CEO of McGraw-Hill (s mhp), Terry McGraw, let slip in an interview with CNBC (s ge) that it does exist, his company has been working with Apple and it runs a “version of the iPhone OS.” This is of course nothing new that hasn’t already appeared in rumors but it’s sure to raise the ire of Steve Jobs that a CEO let the cat out of the bag. I wonder how safe this guy is now? I’m sure the hit team is on the move already. :)

(via MacRumors)



Apple is releasing an iWhatever and McGraw acknowledges its existence. Now that’s news!

Am I the only one not be surprised to hear that the iWhatever will be running the iPhoneOS? There’s hardly a chance that Apple would allow(one assumes, but it is Apple)a cheaper device than a MacBook to run OSX, while the iPhoneOS is ideal for their purposes – a content delivery device and game machine.

Ah yes, the PT Barnum Effect still works for Apple.


OMG I hope he and his family have entered into the FBI witness protection program ASAP.

Remember the guy that leaked some iPhone 3GS hardware, he DIED a mysterious death (claimed suicide).

I am sure the Apple Police have already been notified of this security breach and are taking action.

I certainly wouldn’t trust this guy to watch my back, dat 4 sure.


I like the smell of a freshly downloaded textbook same as the next person.

Too bad it won’t run OneNote, but MobileNoter syncs a goodly number of my OneNote notebooks to my iPod Touch, and gives me a way to input (albeit without handwriting) into OneNote. I do covet a larger screen for my pocket devices, but I can get work done with a real Tablet PC or UMPC.

Gavin Miller

Yes, but more importantly, do YOU like to smell your books James! :-)

Well, I guess that’s the uncertainty over OS choice over. It’s probably the right choice for this device, which will be mainly for content consumption, apps that perform a unique function with an interface and input method specific to each apps requirements.

What’s the bets Steve Jobs says the screen is ‘Gorgeous’.


It seems as though the interviewer “conned” mister McGraw into revealing the worst kept secret!

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