Nexus One Dock to Support External Speakers and Wireless Audio?


One of the appealing factors of the Google Nexus One for me was talk of the docks. I’m actually not interested in the car dock — we have an integrated GPS in our SUV and there’s no way I’m marring my stock sports car with anything that didn’t come with it. But I’m very interested in the bedside dock because I use the phone as my alarm clock. Plus — like the Motorola Droid — ┬áit has a nice informational mode inherent with the Clock app. There are one-touch buttons for weather, photos, and music in the application. Early word on the dock-to-be says that it has Bluetooth in it and I’ve been wondering why. Perhaps Android Guys has the answer.

One of their readers claims to have some hands-on time with the dock. He says that it can hold the phone even with the soft Android case — presumably the one that came with the device — but I don’t see how the phone would charge in that situation. The Bluetooth, he says, is used to pipe music through external speakers attached to the dock via a mini audio jack. That would mean you could play tunes from the phone if the device was in the dock or within Bluetooth range of it. Sounds pretty handy if that’s the case and even if it turns out not to be true, I’ll likely still nab the dock when it arrives. I’m tired of picking up the phone at 3:00 am just to see if it’s 3:00 am.


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