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Kyte Updates Its Video Management Platform

Kyte rolled out the latest update to its white-label video management platform today, in an effort to provide its customers with easier-to-use workflow, scheduling, moderation and player management. The launch of Kyte Console 2.0, which went live this morning, marks a “complete reworking” of the platform, according to Kyte COO Gannon Hall, one that came after a year of examining how customers were using its dashboard and determining ways it could be made more intuitive.

The biggest changes that the console makes are around the user experience, reducing the number of steps it takes for customers to accomplish basic tasks and allowing them to customize the editorial workflow to streamline processes. The new console also provides more advanced scheduling of shows and other videos on the platform and the ability to create manual or smart playlists.

The ability to serve video to multiple mobile and social environments is one of the key advantages to the Kyte platform. But serving to all those places requires advanced management of different players that are served in different environments. Kyte’s platform also supports management of multiple forms of video, from premium produced or branded content, to mobile uploads, to user-generated content uploaded by consumers. But ingesting, managing and moderating video in all those different forms requires a management system that makes it easy for customers to complete multiple tasks in a short period of time.

Kyte rolled out the new console to all of its users this morning, but had provided training to customers ahead of time to get them up to speed on all the changes, and already has new customers working on developing APIs for the new features that it’s releasing, according to Hall.