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IM+ for Windows Mobile Adds Skype Chat

Google Voice in the browser for iPhone and webOS might dominate the radar today, but let’s not overlook Windows Mobile (s msft) and software clients. If you do that, you’ll miss out on the news from SHAPE Services, creators of IM+ All-in-One Messenger. Today the company adds Skype as a supported chat service to its application for Windows Mobile devices version 5 and up. That means with one application, you don’t have to worry which chat service your friends use.

Along with the new support for Skype contacts, IM+ works with AIM, iChat, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. That covers just about everything, no? Version 7.6.1 of IM+ for Windows Mobile will set you back $39.95, but there is a free 7-day trial available. The price sounds steep for a mobile client, but bear in mind two things. One, you’re pretty much covered on all of the major chat networks. And two, you’re paying for a lifetime license — all future upgrades are free.

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