I Totally Want an OfficePOD


I have always wished for a nice little office in the backyard, separate from the hustle and bustle of the house yet close enough to walk to work. The OfficePOD looks exactly what I have been wanting for a long time. It’s not exactly mobile tech, although it can be relocated if necessary so it’s sort of mobile.

What makes it unique is it is a self-contained little cubicle that can be installed right in the garden. It has good storage and lighting and most importantly, it looks cool. Actually, the best thing is the view I’d have in the pod. Yes, I sure do want one of these, although it looks like it’s only available in the UK. Maybe my buddy Simon from WebWorkerDaily would like one of these?

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My dad recently got into the pod business and has been building/maintaining them for various companies. They are usually used as advertising stalls in shopping centers (Malls). If there is a large interest in these type of pods then I’m sure something can be done to produce these in larger quantities thus reducing end user costs and maintenance bills. These could be the new garden utility to rival the hot-tub :)


i am reminded of a company that sold ready to assemble “cabins” that could serve the same function as this pod.

future technology

I want one of these, too! At first, I thought it was a really early April Fool’s joke. Now, that I look it closer I want to hauled my OfficePod to the park every morning, then bring it home every night.


James, you can get those conversions for a lot of other RV’s and travel trailers. I’ve seen tons of them over the years in many higher-end motorhomes. One in particular I remember seeing had a full-tower workstation installed with a 30″ monitor – the guy apparently had a love for travel and took his work on the road with him.

As for that cubicle, I’d rather be sitting in a jacuzzi in the back yard. I can still enjoy a cold one while tapping away on a netbook.

James Kendrick

I should have known you guys already spotted this. But still, just burst my bubble why don’t you? Like I’ve ever done that do you. :)


Well, if I get one of these I can have my all day grinding sessions, after school, while at the same time saying that I get out alot… well that depends on your meaning of getting out… -.-

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