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SaberTooth ZX — a Tiny 1.8″ 128GB SSD

There aren’t too many computing devices still using the 1.8″ hard drives that we saw in the first UMPCs. But if you still have one of them and are looking for a storage upgrade, Active Media Products might be worth a look. The company today launched a new 1.8″ Zero Insertion Force SSD drive with capacity up to 128 GB. The Parallel ATA / IDE interface combined with the flash memory offer up to 80 MBps for reads an 38 MBps for writes on the SaberTooth ZX drive. While those speeds might not be stellar, some of those older devices only came with 40GB of storage way back in the day, so you can get a nice capacity bump while reducing heat and power consumption.

AMP breaks out all of the supported devices on the SaberTooth ZX product page, but I see a few golden oldie UMPCs on the list: my Samsung Q1 UMPC, the HTC Shift, the ASUS R2H and various pocketable Fujitsu Lifebooks like the U810 and U820. As far as netbooks and notebooks go, the HP (s hpq) Mini 1000 line and the MacBook Air (s aapl) appear also. AMP set the suggested retail price for 128 GB at $379, so this one won’t come cheap. Such is the price we pay for limited 1.8″ drive options.

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