Have You Thanked a Community Manager Today?


Today is the first annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, and it’s about time! Community Manager Appreciation Day will be celebrated on the fourth Monday of every January, so set that yearly calendar appointment now to remember it for years to come. A huge “thank you” needs to go to Jeremiah Owyang for coming up with the idea for Community Manager Appreciation Day and for making it happen.

Community management is one of those web worker roles that can be done from almost anywhere, and many of you are community managers in some form. It is such an important role that I did a whole series of posts about community management last year, about online community manager jobswhat community managers actually dowhat skills are required to be successful in the role; and the dark side of community management.

Community management can be a tough profession, since so much of what community managers do every day goes unnoticed by most people, which is why it is so important to recognize the community managers that you work with as a manager, coworker, customer or community member. Jeremiah Owyang has a few suggestions for recognizing community managers:

  • If you’re a customer, and your problem was solved by a community manager be sure to thank them in the medium that helped you in. Use the hashtag #CMAD.
  • If you’re a colleague with community manager, take the time to understand their passion to improve the customers’ experience. Copy their boss.
  • If you’re a community manager, stop and breathe for a second, and know that you’re appreciated. Hug your family.

Community Manager Appreciation Day is supported by Bill Johnston, Connie Benson, Rachel Happe, Jake McKee, Sean O’Driscoll, Lane Becker, Dawn Foster, Thor Muller, Amy Muller and Jeremiah Owyang.

How are you planning to thank your community manager?

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