Boost Mobile Throws a Curve — Offers Contract-Free BlackBerry


Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show, Boost Mobile announced new unlimited calling plans using Sprint’s network. Those plans seem a dime-a-dozen today, but tucked in the press release was mention of special unlimited plan for BlackBerry devices. Sounds great, except for one small problem — Boost Mobile doesn’t carry any BlackBerry devices. Or at least they didn’t. As of today they do — while the BlackBerry Curve 8330 isn’t the latest and greatest ‘Berry out there, you can scoop one up from Boost for $249.99 with no long-term contract. The same device on a Verizon month-to-month plan is $429.99 as of last check.

Of course, the upfront cash outlay is only part of the equation and that’s where the new BlackBerry Unlimited Monthly plan from Boost comes into play. For $60 each month, Boost offers nearly unlimited everything: 3G data access for the web, email, voice minutes, and texting. But if you need beefy hardware, this might not be the BlackBerry for you. The 8330 doesn’t offer Wi-Fi and only sports a meager 2 megapixel camera. The Verizon version also mentions that it’s an EVDO Rev 0 radio, not the faster EVDO Rev A. But for small business owners or productive-minded consumers, the no-contract deal might trump some hardware shortcomings, no?


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