Apple Tablet Rumor Watch — Is This an iPad Ad?


I’m going to leave all the speculation up to you on this one, but I will say this — this video found at VentureBeat has that traditional Apple advertisement “look and feel” to it. Assuming this is legit, we’re looking at a slate device  running Mac OS X with an on-screen keyboard and promises a “revolution in personal computing.” And even if it’s not legit — is this the type of device you’re expecting to see unveiled this week?



FAKE! The device in the image has ports on the BACK of it. Including a USB port. The music SUCKS too. This is so fake it belongs in a new category.


I still don’t understand the everyday usefulness of this device for millions of people. Anyone want to fill me in?


Connectors in the back???? Those guys has never seen a tablet in their lives.

How they thing we will connect the cables while using it? Super Fake Video.

Yuri Andropov

Fake, but very well-done. It’s pretty clear from the evidence we have (like from Flurry) and the most consistent rumors are that the device is based on the interface work done on the iPhone, not Mac OSX. Besides, how would that absurd (yet very cool-looking) keyboard be useful to anyone holding the device? You’d have to lay it flat or use a stylus. Using the iPhone as a guide, I don’t think Apple would go either of those routes…


It’s got to be fake. That floating keyboard would be extremely difficult to use in that position.


Also the position of the ports would make lying the thing down on a flat surface almost impossible if anything was plugged into any of them.


However it turns out, we can be sure of one thing–Apple fanboys, all of whom dissed the UMPC concept because it was too small and had no physical keyboard (and just coincidentally was being driven by the “evil” Microsoft”), will all be extolling the virtues of those same features in the Apple version.

Parker Selfridge

In LESS THAN 48 HOURS the World we know what heaven has brought the children of Apple on glorious Wednesday !

I personally cannot contain my excitement. It is just nerve racking. The waiting is too much. I have an appointment this afternoon for some a temporary medicinal fix to calm the anxiety.

I hear that California may soon legalize a permanent fix (Mary Jane) for these kinds of situations. The sooner the better.

Best word of advice so far from my co-workers:


Chris Smith

Parker, they do make something for this. It’s called Valium.

I personally think that the Apple Tablet frenzy right now is kind of annoying, even though I am joining in the fun :-

Anywho, I really hope they don’t announce anything on Wednesday. That would be a real surprise.


My vote is that it’s a concept video. If you run Google translate on the original post, you get:

More doubts, the famous and long-awaited Apple tablet aka islation aka MacTablet aka iTablet aka etc … will be unveiled after tomorrow. In the meantime here’s what advertising might look like the shelf if it was finally called iPad …


Exactly. Emphasis on “might”. Also, this is not the first mockup video I’ve seen from


Pretty interesting. But I say it’s fake. The aspect ratio is square. I never seen that b4. But I hope I’m wrong coz I’ve been waiting for the Apple tablet forever.


+1. The aspect ratio doesn’t look like anything Apple – or any other PC maker – would even consider making. Plus the port locations are ludicrous. Definitely a fake.

My money is on no tablet announcement Wednesday (until Spring).


It seems uncharacteristic for Apple to have no narration in their ads. Also: the “After 10 years” item seems out of place. I can’t tell whether it’s fake or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were fake.

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