8 Guides for Becoming a Power Business Social Networker

Social networking tools are critical to how most of us keep up with others and raise our profiles in the working world. They are also emerging as ever more useful ways for businesses to communicate. Here are eight essential guides from our network that can make you a power business user of social tools.

32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business: In this hugely popular post from WebWorkerDaily, you’ll find tips on using Facebook for everything from marketing to finding a job. Have you established a business acount on Facebook? How can you do better branding there? If you have a small business, have you set up an optimized Facebook page, and reviewed the basics?

62 Ways to Use Twitter for Business: Facebook is hardly the only social tool online that can boost your business prospects. At the GigaOM Network, we make extensive business use of Twitter, as do many companies. In this post, you can learn how to join industry topic groups on Twitter, or enhance your Twitter background and profile.  If you’re hunting for a job, TwitterJobSearch might be up your alley.

33 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business: Is your LinkedIn account sitting around unloved? LinkedIn is one of the older online social networks, and is still essential for business people.  You can use it to get jobs, sell products, gain free publicity and more.

10 Golden Rules of Social Media: What do you need to know from an overview perspective to make the best business use of online social tools? In this post, you’ll find excellent tips on how to listen properly using these tools, the manners surrounding them and more.  This collection provides more useful information along these lines.

10 Tips for Becoming a Smarter Social Business Person: Did you know that Dell has made millions of dollars using Twitter? What are the rules you should follow pertaining to your employer when using social tools online? This post covers these topics, and other interesting ones.  It’s also worth reviewing how to be sure that you’re being both personal and professional in social networking environments.

How to Build Conversations in Social Media: Whether you’re just launching a business or want to start a conversation about your job prospects with people who might be able to help you, getting a discussion going using social tools is an art. Here is the art explained.

Why Social Media Marketing is Still a Red-headed Stepchild: How do you use social networks as part of a fully-integrated marketing strategy? Surprisingly, few businesses give careful thought to this, when they could greatly benefit from doing so. Here are some ideas on next steps for a great online marketing strategy.

Evaluating Social Media Dashboards: There still aren’t enough good tools and dashboards for looking at social media messaging and content from an aggregated, overview angle. There are some though, and you might want to look into Spredfast’s solution, and the free Flock browser. The open source Sweetcron application is also worth evaluating.

Top image courtesy of Flickr user LittleDan77.