Apple’s iPhone Gains Traction In Asia; Has Sold 200,000 In China


Apple’s international presence is gaining traction and revenues are increasing in both Japan and Asia-Pacific because of the iPhone, the company said today as part of its first-quarter financial results.

While the company doesn’t typically breakdown iPhone sales by country, Apple’s COO Tim Cook said he would make an exception for China. He said that since the iPhone went on sale there in late October/early November, they’ve sold about 200,000 units through their partner China Unicom. The number seems fairly impressive given that only 5,000 phones were sold during opening weekend and they cost around $1,000 each. Not to mention that 1.5 million iPhones are estimated to have already been sold on China’s gray market.

Cook said sales will improve as they increase the number of places where the iPhone can be sold. But they aren’t in a rush to add more locations. “We are focused on the quality of the point of sales experience for the customer. We would prefer to move slow because we are building the brand for the long-term and we are very much focused on the long-term in that market because we think there is significant potential there.” Cook declined to forecast sales, or whether they would partner with more carriers in the country. “We are happy working with China Unicom and I

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