WinMo Wrap: Garmin, ASUS Team Up


The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. Garmin and ASUS have joined together to make a Windows Mobile smartphone. The new phone will leverage Garmin’s GPS technology with ASUS’ phone experience, and is appearing for pre-ordering on various web sites. Windows Mobile is not the only focus of the partnership, as it is rumored the two companies will also be producing phones running Android later this year.

Folks that follow the Windows Mobile world are expecting Microsoft (s msft) to announce Windows Mobile 7 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month. That looks like it is indeed going to happen as some folks have received an invite to a press conference during the event. A Windows Mobile event will be held on Feb. 15 at 6 AM Pacific Time. We’ll have to wait until the event to see if there will also be a Microsoft-branded phone announced.

Developers selling apps in the Windows Mobile Marketplace have lodged complaints with Microsoft that they are not being paid for sales that qualify. Apparently Microsoft defers payments until a developer’s sales have passed the $200 mark, but it seems like that is not always happening. Microsoft has acknowledged there is a problem but has not provided a solution as yet.


R ay

And what technology might that be? The last time I looked, Garmin used the same chips that pretty much everyone else producing standalone GPS devices are using: SiRFstar or some imitator.

I think what you meant to say is that Garmin has licensed its name to Asus for some brand recognition…

Katrina P

What kind of a phone will Garmin/Asus make? What kind of phones do Windows Mobile OEMs make these days?

Will it be the new WinMo 7, or the old WinMo 6.5?

Anyone building a Windows Mobile 6.5 or 6.6 phone would surely have to consider that the operating system will not be in existence for much longer. Apart from the coming WinMo7, Windows Mobile 6.5 is shedding market share at such a rapid rate, that it will disappear into oblivion on its own accord.

It seems only Windows Mobile 7 will stand any chance of an on-going future.

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