Nokia N900 Dual-Boots Maemo and Android


The weekends were made for hacking and this one started off with a bang. Brandon took it upon himself to tread where I have in the Android space — namely porting Android (s goog) to other devices. I have Android 1.6 booting on my Intel Core Solo UMPC (s intc), but that’s not the ideal device for such a platform. Brandon had a far better idea in the Nokia N900, which he now has dual-booting both Maemo and Android!

As he says, it’s more of a proof-of-concept, which is the same road I was taking in my efforts. I can already see that he has some screen calibration issues to work out — that’s no surprise because I found the same issues in my project. But it’s early yet — Brandon just got Android booting, so let’s give him a little time to tinker, shall we?

This whole approach also reminds me of the answer I give when folks ask about the evaluation Nokia N900 I’m using — people want to know if the N900 is right for them. I tell them exactly what’s illustrated by Brandon’s video: the N900 is far better suited towards power users and those that like to tinker and hack than it is for mainstream folks.



Why not just find stuff that works. Make it, and tell the manufacturers what they should be making? Power users or not, what’s out barely cuts what the average user wants, that want, made by the manufacturers in the first place, leaving most of us crippled and frustrated. I waited 10 years for stuff like my BB Tour has. I want a Nokia, but can’t deal w/ AT&T. The systems need to be up first too!


Combine that with the VMWare demo for ARM cpu’s, and you could have Maemo and Android simultaneously running on your N900. Maybe throw in Ubuntu-ARM a well.

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