Nokia N900 Dual-Boots Maemo and Android

The weekends were made for hacking and this one started off with a bang. Brandon took it upon himself to tread where I have in the Android space — namely porting Android to other devices. I have Android 1.6 booting on my Intel Core Solo UMPC, but that’s not the ideal device for such a platform. Brandon had a far better idea in the Nokia N900, which he now has dual-booting both Maemo and Android!

As he says, it’s more of a proof-of-concept, which is the same road I was taking in my efforts. I can already see that he has some screen calibration issues to work out — that’s no surprise because I found the same issues in my project. But it’s early yet — Brandon just got Android booting, so let’s give him a little time to tinker, shall we?

This whole approach also reminds me of the answer I give when folks ask about the evaluation Nokia N900 I’m using — people want to know if the N900 is right for them. I tell them exactly what’s illustrated by Brandon’s video: the N900 is far better suited towards power users and those that like to tinker and hack than it is for mainstream folks.


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