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Spiceworks CEO on the Future of IT Jobs and His Company

Spiceworks, an Austin startup that last week raised $16 million, has taken a Google-like approach with its business model: It built systems management software and gave it away for free, supporting the company with revenue derived from ads. The goal was to create a community of IT staff that use the software daily, as their company’s IT dashboard, and turn to one another to help solve problems.

Some 870,000 people have installed the 4-year-old company’s software, allowing it to triple its sales in the last year. But while President and CEO Scott Abel did not disclose the actual revenue figure, he did offer detail on each of its three ad-based revenue streams. They consist of display ads, sponsorships that allows a vendor to reach an audience by hosting forums, and the ability for a vendor to build an app that helps the Spiceworks audience use the vendor’s equipment better.

With the funding, which Abel says the firm wasn’t seeking, Spiceworks can accelerate its product by adding more staff to the 45-member team. Abel plans to concentrate on making the Spiceworks platform more mobile so that IT workers can provide help while on the go, as well as help them manage more mobile devices. The other focus will be on prepping the software to manage applications, platforms and infrastructure hosted in the cloud. Check out the video below for more on Spiceworks, as well as Abel’s views on the future for IT workers.

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12 Responses to “Spiceworks CEO on the Future of IT Jobs and His Company”

  1. We set this up in the office to try it out. It immediately caused numerous problems around the network, particularly with non PCs such as Printers not printing.

    So we dumped it.

    It also seemed to bog things down considerably.

    • It caused problems? I’m not sure how that would even be possible… I’d suggest you’d try again.. the staff give great support if you’d give them a chance… (and no, I don’t work for Spiceworks) ;-)

    • You may want to change the intervals of how often the network is scanned. I too experienced network latency due to high bandwidth user usage, only to top it off with the out of the box scan intervals of (I cant remember). My second approach was to immediately attack the scan section, and scan the network in pieces/ranges. I left the network health check at 15 mins, and re-scan the entire network Sunday morning at 2am. Change your approach, and you will realize what a nice software you have downloaded for free.

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