Kobo Coming to a Tablet Near You


The e-book seller that began life as Shortcovers is getting ready to explode on the e-book reading scene. Recently Kobo signed a deal with Borders to handle e-books for the chain, along with producing a reader for them. The folks at Kobo aren’t content to rest on the Borders (s bgp) deal, as information we’ve just received from them proves. Kobo has reader applications in development for “netbooks and dedicated eReaders, like the Sony eReader.”

Kobo already has reader apps for iPhone (s aapl), Android (s goog), BlackBerry (s rimm) and the Palm Pre (s palm), and when they add support for both Windows 7 (s msft) and Android tablets they will have just about everything covered.

Kobo realizes that the key to e-book adoption is to allow reading content on devices the consumer already owns. These free reader applications will be available starting in February, and in addition to handling e-book reading duties, they will allow syncing of libraries and reading locations among multiple devices. They are obviously taking a cue from Amazon (s amzn) and the Whispernet syncing.


John Combat

It’s all about the iSlate (aka iTablet, iPad, etc.) people.

You know what i’m talkin about.

All other tablet makers can fuggedaboutit.

I got the iSlate Flu, is there an app for that ?


They still need to release a new Android app…. if I remember correctly, the current app doesn’t allow off-line reading.

Jordan @ Kobo

At Kobo we have had bookmark sync’ing since our first launch as Shortcovers on Feb 26th, last year – before whisper-xyz. We consider it a core feature of our service.

Jordan Christensen
Director, Product Management
Kobo Inc

Scott Brown

Yeah but does it run on an Apple iSlate (aka iTablet) ??

And why do all these eReader players want to ink deals with lame book retailers ?

They should be doing what Apple is furiously working on at this very moment, namely, making content distro deals with THE PUBLISHERS !

Apple is currently focusing on the Top Six book publishers but their doing it right because they don’t need no stinking book retailer middlemen in their way.

:-) You GO! APPLE :-P

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