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iPhone Dominating Worldwide Smartphone Usage: Report

The iPhone is still doing tremendously well, in case all this buzz around Google’s (s goog) new Nexus One had you thinking otherwise. A new report by Google’s own recent acquisition AdMob says as much. The report details smartphone usage globally over the last quarter of 2009, as determined by requests made by devices for ads on AdMob’s extensive mobile advertising network.

Worldwide, the iPhone accounts for more than half of the total overall smartphone usage. It’s worth noting that doesn’t necessarily mean that the iPhone’s actual market share is double that of all other companies combined, only that iPhone owners use their devices much more than the owners of any of its competitors do.

Still, it’s definitely good news for Apple (s aapl). High device usage means iPhone owners are obviously, for the most part, enjoying their smartphones, which in turn means that they will be more likely to speak well of the iPhone to others and to purchase another Apple product in the future. It also means Apple’s revenue from iPhone app sales will likely remain very healthy for the foreseeable future.

Symbian had the next strongest showing, with 21 percent of the overall usage share. But geographically, Nokia’s OS only leads in Africa and Asia now, while the iPhone has surged ahead into the lead position in both North America and Western Europe, two very lucrative mobile markets. 54 percent of smartphone usage in North America was on an iPhone, and in Western Europe 78 percent occurred on Apple’s device. More than half the OS share in Eastern Europe belonged to Apple, too.

In Africa and Asia, Nokia has rather commanding leads of 53 and 50 percent respectively, but Apple is quickly gaining ground. In Asia, Apple’s share during the period covered in the survey rose to 27 percent, thanks to the launch of the iPhone in a number of new countries, and strong sales in some key markets like Japan.

Android also performed fairly well. Google’s operating system gained ground in all markets, reaching a high point of 27 percent in North America and hitting 16 percent overall worldwide. Still, North America is the only market in which Android’s OS share reached a double digits percentage score, the next closest being Western Europe with 8 percent.

This is prime marketing material for Apple, and even for AT&T (s att). Luke Wilson throwing postcards at a map on the ground just reeks of desperation, if you ask me, but playing up the fact that your device is the most used smartphone in the world, and far and away the most used in North America, well that actually starts to become appealing to my interests as a consumer. Or, you could stick with Luke Wilson talking to himself. Whatever you think is best.

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