Evernote 3.5 for Windows Released

Yesterday, Evernote 3.5 for Windows became available for download. I covered the beta release back in September and was happy with the direction it took the client, especially since its user interface began to look more like its Mac cousin. Since I use Evernote across Windows, Mac and iPhone I welcome the emphasis on uniformity that Evernote is taking for us cross-platform users.

This new version of the Evernote client boasts some speed and performance upgrades (which I can confirm with my informal tests on Windows 7 (s msft) and Windows XP) and a host of  new features and improvements across the application that should impress longtime users and attract new converts.  I had to resync Evernote and update the client database once I installed the new release — which took a bit of time — but it was worth the wait.

Improved Viewing

The first thing I checked out in the new Evernote was the new viewing options, because I am always looking for better ways to slice and dice the way I view the notes that I take on  my iPhone, Mac, Windows PC or via Twitter. The Thumbnail view enables you to quickly see the contents of the notes, images and PDFs:

The List view provides a multi-column view enabling you to sort on any column. There is also a mixed view combining the thumbnail and list views, which is where I spend the most of my time when sorting through my Evernote notes.

Improved Note Editing

Evernote 3.5 includes auto-complete tagging and easier tag creation when compared to previous versions. As I try to become more faithful at tagging my notes, these improvements should prove useful.

While I am not a fan of spell checking while you type (I prefer to run a spell check), it is new in this version for those of you who like it. You can also create tables within notes, which is a welcome feature for me, since I often deal with tabular data during the course of my technical writing work.

Evernote 3.5  also offers better handling of longer text notes, which is a boon for me as I stash large amounts of information in Evernote, especially when I am in research mode.

Improved Searching

As I add more notes to Evernote, I am finding myself using search a lot more when I want to dig through the archives, and the improved search filter with support for extended search capabilities and grammar performs well.

Have you upgraded to Evernote 3.5?