Buy a Palm Pre Plus Get a Free Pixi Plus from Verizon

What’s one of the fastest ways to move handsets off the shelves? Offer a BOGO, or Buy One, Get One deal. That happens from time to time but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on the launch day of a handset that’s new to a carrier. Yet that’s exactly what’s going to happen when the Palm Pre Plus hits Verizon next week. The official Palm blog spilled the beans and says that the deal will run from launch day through Valentine’s day, which gives you nearly three weeks to nab two for the price of one.

To be clear, the deal is pretty specific. When you purchase a Palm Pre Plus for $149.99 (after rebate and with a two-year commitment), you get a free Palm Pixi Plus after rebate — not another Pre Plus. Essentially you save the $99.99 it would have cost you for the Pixi Plus in the end. Not a bad deal if you have two folks that like to play cards in webOS and one of them would prefer a non-sliding, slightly slower device.


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