Nexus One Hack Adds Multi-Touch to Android Browser


Whether it’s due to patents in place or just a gentleman’s agreement, you can’t overlook the missing multi-touch on the Nexus One handset. Actually, the device itself does support multi-touch, but those features aren’t enabled in the native Google apps. There’s no pinching in the browser, for example, although a third-party client does offer it. It didn’t take too long for the famous cyanogen at XDA-Developers to add multi-touch back into the native Android browser though. Redmond Pie tipped us off on the seemingly simply steps, which of course require you to root the device and install some extra bits. Here’s a quick peek at how it works after the device update.

I personally haven’t done this yet on my Nexus One, mainly because I got used to not having such functionality shortly after I pined for it. I can always install the Dolphin browser if I really miss the feature. Besides, I’m still trying to use the device as “stock” as possible because that’s how the majority of Android owners use theirs. That doesn’t mean I won’t be rooting around in the near future, but for now, I’m keeping it real.


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