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New Year’s Resolutions iPhone Apps: Save Money

Finishing up our series about using your iPhone to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, today we’ll be looking at iPhone apps that will help you save money.

2009 was no one’s idea of a great year from a business standpoint, except maybe for Apple (s aapl). I imagine that many of us are looking at our bank accounts after holiday spending sprees and figuring out how we’re going to be a bit wiser with our money. Thankfully there are a ton of good choices to help you manage your money on your iPhone whether it’s saving on the things you buy or keeping an eye on your budgets.

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Price: $4.99 (free lite version also available)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
If you want to manage all of your finances on your iPhone, PocketMoney is the app for you. It supports multiple accounts and acts as a simple check register, but also includes the ability to create and manage budgets and allows you to get a good overview of your spending with attractive charts. You can also export your data to back it up or import data from a desktop application.

DebtTracker Pro
Price: $2.99 (99 cent lite version also available)
Rating: 3.5 Stars
The premise is simple, track your debt and set up plans to pay it off. The interface is attractive and easy to use. You can also see what your debt ratio is and track how much you’ve been able to pay off. If you don’t like the default payoff approach, you can create your own custom payoff plans as well. Getting rid of that high interest credit card is a great way to start saving for the new year.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 4 Stars
The perfect comparison shopping app, simply scan any barcode to get a list of competing prices from a variety of sources. You can email yourself a list of scanned products for comparison shopping later and you can add custom URL’s to search for if there’s a retailer that’s not in their database.

Price: $4.99
Rating: 3.5 Stars
The companion to the popular Mac desktop finance manager, iBank doesn’t offer as wide a range of features as some of the other finance applications out there for the iPhone. It more than makes up for these deficiencies, however, with easy to use transaction entry and over the air synchronization. If you want to manage your budgets on your Mac but want to enter and sync transactions from your iPhone without a problem iBank is your best bet. Note that iBank for the Mac will cost you an additional $60.

Mortgage Calculator Pro
Price: 99 cents
Rating: 3.5 Stars
If you’re thinking about making any major purchases in 2010, it’s a good idea to have a program like Mortgage Calculator on your iPhone. Despite the name, you can calculate car and credit card payments as well as mortgages. A nice feature is that you can save loans so you can look at them later and compare options. You also get a complete amortization table to peruse.

20 Minute Meals
Price: $4.99
Rating: 4 Stars
One of the biggest money sinks out there is eating out, so having a good recipe application on your iPhone to give you fast and easy meal ideas you can make at home is a great way to save money. 20 Minute Meals only has 55 recipes, which isn’t much considering the $5 price tag, but it also includes a helpful shopping list feature and videos to help you prepare the meal. And really, if this app can help you eat in more you’ll save the cost of the app the first time you don’t go out to a restaurant for dinner.

6 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions iPhone Apps: Save Money”

  1. quandmeme

    I thought I wanted to have all my accounts tracked on my iPhone. I was so excited by a few of the iPhone financial apps and bought too many of them hoping they would solve everything with information and synchronization.

    I quickly ditched all the bank account managers. I have money in my accounts that I can’t touch, so I don’t need to know how much is in there. We needed the envelope system for our debit cards to know how much of each of our budget categories remained–not how much money we had total.

    I have to endorse Spend for iPhone.

    Fewest touches possible means that I jot down the amount I spent on gas or lunch as I do it instead of (not) reconciling it with the bank statement.

    • quandmeme

      Looks like there are two apps called Spend; I mean the one called “Spend – Budgeting” by Looks like its $.99. I paid more and and think it worth it.