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MySpace Opens Up If I Can Dream Auditions

Dream of making it big, but miss your chance to audition for American Idol this year? 19 Entertainment’s first high-profile foray into web production, If I Can Dream, is using MySpace (s NWS) to solicit video auditions for aspiring musicians, actors and models interested in joining the show.


If I Can Dream | MySpace Video

However, everyone currently auditioning will have to wait for one of the current five cast members to leave the show — in theory because they’ve gotten their big break. But once that happens, they’ll get to live in a luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills and have their activities monitored 24/7 by a bevy of webcams: according to a press release, viewers will be able to watch any camera in the house whenever they wish, with the footage compiled and distilled into 22-minute weekly episodes to be distributed by Hulu.

Details on the first five cast members have now been released, a crew of extremely photogenic young people ranging in age from 20-23. (While technically only one of them is focused on pursuing a modeling career, four of them have modeling backgrounds.) There’s little beyond photos right now to indicate whether or not the crew is likable or talented enough to sustain interest, but hopefully that’ll be quickly resolved when the show premieres in March.

You know that bit at the end of Pretty Woman where the guy on the street shouts “Welcome to Hollywood! What’s your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams”? Well, having lived in Hollywood for eight years, I can tell you that it’s less a land of dreams and more a land of dreamers. But there are still worse premises for a reality series.

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  1. I love to sing. I can sing very good. I keep getting requests and invitations to sites for it. And they all say I am good, and wow. I am ready to audition anytime. I wanta be on this show just so people can hear me and enjoy it. I sing all types of music. Im best at country but I am really good at songs like She talks to angels, by the black crowes.