Mobile Tech Minutes: Seesmic Look on a Touch Tablet Video


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Ordinarily a new Twitter app wouldn’t float my boat, but when I heard that the new Seesmic Look app was optimized for touch operation I couldn’t resist. I installed it on an evaluation ThinkPad x200 Tablet PC running Windows 7 (s msft), and gave it a whirl. It’s not perfect but in the video I show how cool it is to work with a very busy Twitter world via touch.

Seesmic Look handles all of the basic Twitter functions, friend lists, Twitter lists and the like, but it also has predefined interests such as News and Tech. Take a look at how Seesmic Look always optimizes the display to provide a good look at information of interest that is crossing the Twitter scene.



Hah! My metric of how much computing is still in its wild west days is how easy or difficult a function or product would be to explain to my very intelligent seventy-two year old mother.

I can’t get Seesmic running on my Windows 7 because despite that I’ve had to go to Programs Uninstall Turn Windows 7 Features On or Off, and turned on .NET 3.51 on, I can’t get .NET 3.51 SP1 to load (I thought I’d already had it working).

I’d have to tell my mother to install she has to go to Uninstall, that whether or not she has .NET 3.51, she needs .NET 3.51 SP1, and I can’t tell her why they didn’t call it .NET 3.52 or 3.6, or 4, or why it needs an SP1 or really what any of this is, but loading Seesmic detects that she wouldn’t have it, but it won’t walk her through getting it, and that not even .NET 3.51 SP1 installer will walk her through downloading and installing .NET 3.51 SP1.

Head palm gesture.


I’ve seen your videos that include Tweetdeck, but this Seesmic looks really fun! That’s for the demo!


James, now that we’re on the subject of twitter apps I thought I’d go ahead and ask whats the best windows twitter app you use and just leave running in the background. You see I finally made a twitter account due to your suggestion at CES and I’ve been really starting to use it.

James Kendrick

I use Tweetdeck on both the Mac and Windows, and I really like it. It can even synchronize across devices, so it’s always up-to-date.


Thanks, James I’ll check Tweetdeck out tomorrow. Ive seen it running on some of your Mobile Tech Minutes videos, if im not mistaken and like the layout. =D

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