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Little Jersey Shore Tops One Million Views for Babelgum

There are a few obvious tricks when it comes to making viral video. Here’s a classic: combine one currently exploding mainstream phenomenon with puppies/kittens/small children/all of the above. Thus, enter Babelgum’s first viral success of 2010: Little Jersey Shore.

The spoof of MTV’s latest reality hit, featuring a group of adorable kids smeared with fake tanner and pounding away on juice boxes, reached over one million views in its first five five days of release, half of which came not through embeds, but through views on the Babelgum site. “It’s great when a piece of comedy that we love has such traction,” says comedy head Amber J. Lawson.

Created in partnership with Landline TV, it’s one of the best performing shorts Babelgum has had since the launch of its Comedy brand. And while one million views might sound unimpressive compared to the numbers that a viral video on YouTube might rack up, YouTube is, after all, the world’s most popular video destination. A million views on Babelgum is a different thing than a million views on YouTube, just due to the size of the base audience; Quantcast lists as receiving 274,600 monthly U.S. visitors, which is paltry when compared to YouTube’s 91.5 million. But it makes Little Jersey Shore a breakout hit for the site, and a much higher-profile success.