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How to Add a Notepad to Chrome

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Need to jot a quick thought down while in the browser? If you’re using Google Chrome, you might want to keep an eye on the Chromepad extension highlighted over at the How To Geek. I’d say this one is in early development, but it’s good enough to tap out some text when the mood hits. Chromepad adds a button to Chrome — hit it and you get a text-only area to file a note. The window for entry is sizable via grab-and-drag or you can hit the Menu button for a Release Window option. That provides you a floating area to move anywhere on the desktop.

I pegged this as “early development” for one key reason: Chromepad doesn’t yet save the text in any standard document format like a .TXT or other file. Instead, it uses the “Local Storage” feature of HTML5 to maintain your notes. While that’s less than ideal, this approach does keep your notes intact even after a browser shut-down. Clearing your browser history, however, does wipe out any noted information, so you’ll want to cut, paste and save anything important prior to that. Still, it’s not a bad start and sure beats having to open Notepad, TextEdit or some other application outside of the browser.