Firefox 3.6 Released, But I'm Not Switching From Chrome


Mozilla today released Firefox 3.6, which, as I reported back in November when the popular open-source browser was released in beta, sports improved performance, personas (the ability to easily switch between different skins for your browser), and updated support for web standards, including for the Web Open Font Format (WOFF). You can download it now from Mozilla for Windows (s msft), Mac (s aapl) and Linux.

As much as I like Firefox, I have to say that on my Mac it’s been relegated to second choice behind my new favorite: Google (s goog) Chrome. Even though Firefox 3.6 is pretty quick, Chrome has blistering speed, and I love the fact that in Chrome a crash in one tab does not kill the entire browser. Chrome doesn’t yet have the massive extension ecosystem that makes Firefox so useful (and is the reason why I will probably never uninstall it), but it’s going to take a lot of improvement to the speed and stability of Firefox to get me to switch back and make it my primary browser again.

How about you? Do you still use Firefox, or have you switched to Chrome?



I’ve recently made the switch to Chrome too. I’ve loved Firefox for so long that it was difficult to part. But it keeps crashing on me and then it will not restart without me creating a new profile. And when it finally did start, it decides to play favorites on with link it will open in a new window. I’ve been using Chrome for awhile now and though, like others, I miss the more intuitive extensions interface that comes with FF, I believe I will survive with Chrome and will one grow to love it as much as I did FF.


I still have firefox on my system but I rarely go back to it now and am mostly on chrome now. I do miss some extensions but I’ve found alternatives for them and don’t miss any of that now.


I’m far too dependent on Firebug to give up FF. I have been using Chrome for about 6 months and notice the speed…but also less stability than I would like.

Wellington Grey

Same here. I switched to chrome after Firefox slowly rendered my Macbook air useless. I do miss the extensions, but I won’t be going back anytime soon.

Angus S-F

Don’t think it’s out for Mac yet, but search for the Iron Browser, it’s Google Chrome with the google-specific tracking code stripped.

Angus S-F

Google makes its money serving targeted advertising, and Chrome is just another data-gathering tool in its arsenal. I wouldn’t use Chrome on a bet, Google already knows too much about me. At least with Firefox I have the CustomizeGoogle and GoogleSharing extensions which anonymize my interactions with Google somewhat.

Ed Hudson

I tried Chrome, but hated it. Firefox offers so many plug ins, but I’m not upgrading for now until all my plugins and utilities are available.


I can’t browse the web without Firefox now, there are some extensions that I can’t do without. I think Firefox will win the browser war in the long run simply because it is built from ground up to be open to extensions / plugins.

Sometimes ago there was a major discussion on the web about how Firefox should switch to Webkit, and a lot of information came forth about the rationale of the Gecko engine: it is slower because it has hooks for all aspect of the browser to empower the extensions / plugins.

Slow n steady wins the race I say, Chrome maybe fast for now, but restructuring the code base to open up the extensions is going to be a lot harder than optimizing speed for Firefox.


Google is also tracking stuff through Chrome :(, like they need to anyway…

Matt Hooper

I have just made the switch to Chrome as my default. I’ve been using it on and off for the last few months but I have just decided to make it my default and only use Firefox as a fall back. So far, I have not “fallen” back. I plan on wiping my drive in the next few days to finally make the upgrade to Snow Leopard and I think I might not reinstall Firefox. I am really in like with Chrome these days. Firefox is just too slow and bloated now.

Jason Barone

I switched to Chrome, but then switched back after a week. Chrome overall renders pages faster, but I found it to be extremely slow and sometimes unusable on pages where there’s a lot going on: Google Reader, Seesmic Web, Google Wave and script-covered blogs. Also the lack of basic features such as auto-clear cache and cookies or bookmark tags, and the fact that extensions are very buggy still. I like Chrome a lot but I can’t use it as a primary browser yet.


I did the same. Chrome is nice, but I am sticking with Firefox for now.

I do use Chrome for a limited number of sites.

Have not gone to Firefox 3.6 yet.

Scott Blitstein

I thought I would miss the extensions but when I decided to see if I could go with Chrome as my primary I found they really weren’t all that.

There is some functionality that I would like to have but I sure don’t miss the frequent crashes and resource issues I was having with Firefox. It’s worth the trade-off really.


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Yes, the speed of chrome is amazing, but it’s hard to live without the many extensions for FF.

That’s why I have 2 primary browsers open at all times! :)


Speed is not all. Firefox is better! It have more options e functions.


Simon, I use Chrome as my primary browser for speed, and wrote about it some time ago. I keep Firefox open also as Chrome still has glitches, including intermittent freezing in WordPress, problems with Google reader new subscriptions (often, not always), and the fact that some sites just don’t work with Chrome, period.

Simon Mackie

That’s pretty much my setup also, although I don’t keep Firefox open and only open it if I need to.

I don’t get freezing in WordPress with Chrome/Mac, and I’m in WordPress all day — maybe something else causing it?

the pace of development of Chrome seems to be much greater than FF currently (massive Google resources pouring into it). It will be interesting to see if FF can catch up.

Jason Barone

Hey Simon, do you have issues with Chrome and the WordPress WYSIWYG editor? That’s my issue, it’s very difficult to work with in terms of drag/drop, selecting text, etc.

Simon Mackie

Nope. When Chrome first came out on Windows, I couldn’t use it with WordPress (spellcheck didn’t work and there were other issues) but I think it works just as well as FF now. My one issue is that if the page fails to load (due to a flaky connection or whatever) when submitting a post, hitting reload doesn’t resubmit the form — you lose anything that you were working on.

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