2 Responses to “NYT Execs: ‘We Learned A Lot From TimesSelect’; Social Media Stays Open”

  1. united28

    The reason the Wall St. Journal’s pay model worked is because people are willing to pay for information that will lead to profit. Where is the profit motive in NYT’s unique content? How is their specialized content going to be different? How are they going to compete vs. other political outfits with the same mindset aka HuffPo, DailyKos, MSNBC, etc.?Air America just went out of business, proving there is little money in the NYT’s political mindset. So tell me: What are you selling? What is the content value proposition? Here’s the deal newspaper execs: Get out of the news-on-paper business. Put all your newsgathering eggs in the digital basket and if you want to put out a print publication, it should be a portable, feature set that enhances the online experience, not the other way around. It should be dramatically smaller and cheaper to distribute and produce.The NYT has strong classified, jobs, real estate, auto…wealthy clientele, a strong brand. So many advantages…and yet they can’t get over the idea of being in the news-on-paper business. Get rid of the albatrosses…the printing presses, pressmen and truck drivers and invest in CONTENT and the free, paperless, printer-less, driver-less distribution mechanism that’s available to you without the hassle of union contracts.And Paul above me here has the kernel of an idea. People WILL pay for two things: Portability and Convenience. There is a chance that pumping info to a handheld device such as a portable reader or cell phone will work. I believe mobile phones will be the new walled gardens…the AOL’s and Prodigy’s where people will pay for content and services that they can use on the train or airport. It will all end up on their phone bill and a dollar here, a dollar there…they won’t even feel it. You can also bundle it into phone packages like cable TV or texting services. THAT is the best hope.