Fox Drops Move Networks for Brightcove, Adobe Flash


A quick look at the website shows that the broadcaster has switched technologies for delivery of its online video, transitioning from Move Networks technology to video delivered in Adobe (s ADBE) Flash format and managed by white-label video platform provider Brightcove.

The transition from Move’s adaptive bit-rate technology shouldn’t come as a huge surprise; the company has de-emphasized selling its video player technology to media companies, instead focusing on providing IPTV services to service providers. Not only that, but it’s lost its technological edge against Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s (s MSFT) Silverlight, as both have added similar adaptive bit rate capabilities. With the addition of dynamic bit-rate streaming in Flash Media Server (FMS) 3.5, Flash can also deliver smooth, streaming video regardless of the bandwidth available on an end user’s connection.

The decision probably isn’t a huge surprise for Brightcove, either, as it was chosen to power another News Corp. (s NWS) video property about six months ago. The company is also using Brightcove to deliver Latin American Hulu lookalike Mundo Fox online video portal, which could have been a test case for the deployment.

For both companies, picking up is a big deal, as it means they will behind the delivery of hit shows like 24, Bones, Family Guy, Glee, House, and The Simpsons.



Yes, Flash player stinks compared to Move for HD content. Flash is working on a version that works with 64-bit, I have to assume they will get there eventually. I personally bought a new laptop and cancelled cable because the shows I like can all be streamed. Then I find out I have to deal with choppy-low-res flash.

Its the player, or possibly your connect speed. Older old pentium 4’s would play the Move player flawlessly Hi-Def


I think it has more to do with your internet connection. What is your download speed?


The move to a different player away from fox is a HUGE letdown. The move player is FAR superior to flash. I noticed as soon as I started watching that the high quality HD I’d grown to love on fox is now “just another flash video site”.

I’m not involved in any way with any of these companies, but I love good quality HD, and that simply is not longer available on Fox, which is really sad.

I have a high end computer, video card, etc. Maybe that’s why I can see the loss of quality, which the author if this article doesn’t seem to see.

I’m sure I can’t change the decision at Fox, but despite any claims that flash can now deliver the same quality HD as the move setup, with a high end setup, it’s not even close.

I’m very sad to see the quality go.


That’s the reason I watch my ABC shows on and not HULU. Since still uses the Move Player you get DVD quality streams.


“Not only that, but it’s lost its technological edge against Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight, as both have added similar adaptive bit rate capabilities.”

Yep but I still say that the Move player provides better quality video than Silverlight or Flash.


Brightcove? Adobe Flash? I guess Fox never browsed the forums.

Funeral Director

Whom can I speak to at Move, I hear you might be in the market for a casket?

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