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Vid-Biz: Google TV Ads, Digitalsmiths, YouTube

Google TV Ads: 2010 May Be the Make-or-Break Year; the TV ad auction system is still working with only one major pay-TV provider, EchoStar, and a much smaller, local California cable company. (paidContent)

Digitalsmiths Teams With Microsoft; at CES, Microsoft demonstrated how Digitalsmiths can add more interactivity to Silverlight so viewers can click on a character, actor, or object and link to more information. (Beet.TV)

YouTube to Show Live Indian Premier League Cricket?; reports from Indian media say Google and the Board of Control for Cricket in India will announce a live streaming deal on Wednesday. (paidContent)

Thinking Outside the Box: Web TVs Skirt Cable Giants; content and features built directly into the TV have become the selling point for the next generation of high-definition sets, gaming consoles and boxes — and none of it is coming from your cable operator. (AdAge)

YouTube Search Accounts for Nearly 28% of All Google Searches; according to comScore’s December 2009 U.S. Search Rankings Report, YouTube searches grew 35 percent year over year to more than 3.9 billion search queries. (ReelSEO)

Jivox Video Ads Get Social and Interactive; the startup says it’s adding social and interactive features to its do-it-yourself ad creator. (VentureBeat)

One Response to “Vid-Biz: Google TV Ads, Digitalsmiths, YouTube”

  1. Cricket is going to be huge on Youtube In my opinion .Theres so many expat Aussies ,Poms, Indians ,Pakistani’s West Indians and South Africans thats this could take off ,Ive streamed cricket form various nafarious sources .This could be a interesting move by Youtube and might even pick up a US audience for the the game ,

    Im a Aussie that lives in the US and cricket dominates TV in summer .They put a game on for 12 hours a day 5 days a week and just have ads during overs and theres all sorts of ticker and bug type advertising on the screen all the time .When they put the stats up its sponsored by a large comapany and theres nearly always some ad on the screen .Perfect for Youtubes Ad model ,

    Im sure Om will be watching .