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New Year’s Resolutions iPhone Apps: Finding Romance

We’ve already covered iPhone apps that will help you keep a New Year’s Resolution to get in better shape. Today we’re going to cover something a bit more personal, finding romance.

Dating has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, back then putting a personal ad online was considered a bit desperate. Today online dating services, dating gurus and checking potential dates out online is par for the course. Thankfully your iPhone can keep you plugged in to what you need so you can hopefully have someone to take out by Valentine’s.

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Black Book
Price: $2.99 (free version also available)
Rating: 4 stars
It may be cliché, but keeping a central repository of the people you’ve dated along with their likes and dislikes can actually be extremely helpful. You don’t want to forget on the fifth date that the lady you’ve been wooing hates bowling and accidentally take her to the Bowl-O-Rama. Sure you could keep this information in the notes section of your iPhone’s address book, but having a private place to store your thoughts on dates is probably a good idea, and Black Book offers password protection to keep prying eyes out. For the ladies out there who might want something more feminine, the developer also offers Pink Book.
Price: Free
Rating: 3 stars
It’s not the youngest or hippest dating network out there, but then again neither are some of us. is still one of the largest personals networks and the iPhone app does a good job of giving you access to most of the network’s features, albeit not all. There is a neat location feature that lets you search for people nearby. You can upload photos to your profile from the application as well as receive notification if someone’s winked at you or sent you a message.

Dating DNA Plus
Price: $4.99 (free version also available)
Rating: 3 stars
For those who want to go a bit beyond, Dating DNA offers compatibility checking, which makes it easier to find someone who you might actually get along with. The interface is clean and simple to use, including a nice coverflow view of potential matches. You can limit your profile’s visibility to those who meet a certain compatibility profile and do location based searches for possible matches as well.

Background Check App
Price: Free
Rating: 3 stars
Going out into the world of dating can sometimes be a bit scary, and if you’re not sure about that guy you met on that dating site a quick background check might not be a bad idea. This app includes three free background checks per week and in addition to standard information like criminal history and property records also finds information about their social networks online.

Price: $1.99
Rating: 3 stars
If you believe the future of your love life is in the stars, figuratively not literally, then AstroLove is for you. Easily and quickly find out how compatible you are with anyone else based on their birthdate. You get easy to read meters for love, stability and passion, as well as more in-depth advice. And even if you don’t believe in astrology, it can make for a fun conversation starter.

iWedding Deluxe
Price: $7.99
If you do get a date, and things go really well, you may find yourself planning a wedding by the end of the year. If so, iWedding Deluxe is your one stop shop, complete with budgeting, to-dos, guest tracking and seating charts. There’s also a database of wedding ideas if you need some inspiration for your big day. The application is well-organized and easy to use, a great way to keep your wedding from overwhelming you. You should note that there’s a previous version called iWedding which is now obsolete, so buy this version instead. There’s no difference in price, just a result of Apple’s poor App Store policies, but that’s a different article.

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