How I Fixed the 3G Issue on My Nexus One


To say I’m happy with my Nexus One so far would be an understatement. It’s not perfect, but there’s quite a bit to like — enough that I haven’t powered up my iPhone 3GS in nearly 10 days. But one of the biggest frustrations is the sporadic 3G issue that many folks are experiencing. Here at my home office, I’m on the fringe of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage area. Yet, when I test the exact same SIM card here in the old G1 handset, I get full 3G speeds. With the Nexus One, I’m stuck on lowly EDGE service, even though I have the same four bars and signal strength. Clearly, there’s a software issue that’s causing the Nexus One to not “see” the 3G network.

I just did some quick poking around on the handset and made one very small manual adjustment. Guess what — I now have full 3G speeds at this location on my Nexus One!

I have no idea if this will work for other Nexus One owners that are in a 3G coverage area and stuck on EDGE, but here’s all I did.

In “Settings,” I went to “Wireless & networks.” Look for the “Mobile Networks” option at the bottom of this listing. The next screen has a “Network Operators” section — tap it. Your Nexus One will search for compatible GSM networks in the area. Once it’s complete, you’ll see the choices, which will consist of T-Mobile and/or AT&T. You’ll also see a choice to Select Automatically — tap it and your phone should say “Registered on network.” That’s it. That’s all I did and I immediately saw the phone jump from EDGE to T-Mobile’s fast 3G network.

Again, I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it can’t be a fluke. I’ve had the phone for nearly a week-and-a-half and it hasn’t seen the 3G network once while here at home. Now it does all the time, even after a reboot, so it looks like my particular issue is resolved! Perhaps there’s something in this Android build that doesn’t correctly register the phone on T-Mobile’s network by default? I still anticipate a software fix for everyone, but for now my Nexus One is speeding along quite nicely on mobile broadband.

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