Hands On With Verizon’s Android App for FiOS TV

Over the weekend, I caught wind of a new Android application from Verizon. The free app is in the Android Market and allows remote access to a FiOS TV box, local listings and more. Since I’ve been known to leave home without scheduling the DVR, I had to grab the free download. Activation was pretty straightforward on my FiOS box. I simply had to enter the phone number of my handset, although I vaguely recall some wording about using a Verizon (s vz) phone. I registered my Google Nexus One (s goog) on T-Mobile’s network with no issues, however. One slight caveat — I couldn’t register with my Google Voice number. I had to use the number provided by T-Mobile for my phone.

Seconds after the activation steps, I had full remote access to my FiOS box. Although I don’t watch much Video on Demand, I was able to browse through the offerings and bookmark content of interest. The DVR functions include the creation of new recordings, list the currently recorded programs, view the upcoming recording schedule and see how much disk space is used or free on the DVR. TV listings are also available, with full details of the programs, plus a one-touch button for recording. Although Verizon has offered a web-based solution with similar functionality for nearly a year, the Android app is far more elegant and snappy.