7 for 7: Countdown to the Apple Tablet


Official word yesterday that there is indeed an Apple event on the 27th didn’t generate the frenetic response typically associated with such news, probably because the blogosphere, twitterverse and mainstream media have all been going gaga over it for weeks.

The Wall Street Journal correctly pegged the event date and location, and also said the company would discuss its “mobile products” at the event. Assuming WSJ got that last bit right as well, the event promises much more than a new Apple tablet product introduction.

Beginning tomorrow, January 20, I’ll publish seven daily posts about my expectations for Apple’s event. The last of these will be published on the 26th, and on the 27th, we will all learn whether my expectations were on target or off the mark. Stay tuned for seven posts in seven days about what we’ll hear on the 27th. Lucky 7, or craps? We’ll know soon enough.

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Ken Mattlin

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Ken Mattlin

This is the product that will change totally the way we all use computers for information, news, and entertainment. These belong in the category called “TABSLATES” A tabslate is a handheld computer larger than an IPHONE but smaller than a LAPTOP. Welcome Apple to the world of tabslates. If Paul Revere was making his famous ride today, he would be shouting “The tabslates are coming..the tabslates are coming!” If anyone out there can to Steve Jobs, please tell him we have the domain names tabslate.com,mytabslate.com, and itabslate.com available …


I’ve been thinking about strategies for purchasing this tablet as I can’t imagine they’ll have enough supply.

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