Scott's Plans for 2010: This Year Will Be Better Than the Last


A long December and there’s reason to believe
maybe this year will be better than the last…

“A Long December”
Adam Duritz

2009 was a tremendously challenging year for me, both personally and professionally. But although it was a year of many changes, it was also one of tremendous opportunity. For me, the transition to 2010 is a logical time to pause and examine the direction my business is headed to reaffirm I’m on the right course.

So with that in mind, I’ve identified some plans or aspirations for things I’d like to accomplish to make sure that 2010 is a better year than 2009.

Renewed emphasis on writing. Writing for WebWorkerDaily really is one of the most enjoyable parts of my professional work. It allows me to use my knowledge as a consultant and small business owner, and tie it in with my interest in web working and web applications. It allows me to connect with amazingly smart people and each article I write is a learning experience. Some larger projects and other issues have kept my writing to a minimum over the last few months, but I find I quite miss it and plan to expand my work in this area.

Saying no. 2009 presented me with many opportunities including some that, in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have taken on. Part of this comes with the expansion of my service offerings, part is due to the economic conditions and not wanting to pass on work, and part is just my natural inclination to want to help. A goal for this year is to be conscious of whether the job, the client, and myself is the right fit – for all of us, before I take on new jobs and new work. I think this is a lesson that one must learn from experience, and one I need to pay careful attention to this upcoming year.

Streamline my focus. As mentioned, I’ve expanded my service offerings over the last few years. This has afforded me a lot of new opportunities, but I think in some ways it has also hampered my overall effectiveness. This year I’m getting back to basics and once again stressing my core competencies. I’m working to better define just what it is I do, and how to best present that to clients.

Get out. I’ve become very active on Twitter over the last year and have made some wonderful connections there. It is easily my most successful networking effort. Judging by the number of laptop laden folks I see at my local Panera, though, there are a lot of freelancers and web workers right here in my area. Like Simon mentioned in his plan, I’d really like to get out and meet more of them. One of my plans for this year then is to try to arrange some local meetups or some other sort of in-person get togethers. I believe there is strength in numbers and only good things can come from getting us all connected.

I have big plans for myself and my business for 2010. How about you?

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My goal for 2010 would be:

1. team building to assist me in the projects I work on
2. less opportunities hunting and more focus on my projects
3. more writing and a lot more “self-promotion”

P.S. Scott, how many specific projects are you working on in 2010?


I’m definately in the realm of streamlining focus on my work and saying no. It’s been really helpful for me to look at new opportunities and ask how it supports the goals I’ve set for myself or if it will end up distracting me from them. I’m finding that taking the time to do this has been really helpful.

I’m also working on some new projects in my business, but I’m reducing the pressure I put on myself to get them done. As long as I do my work I’m fine, but more pressure equals a less then ideal end product.



Nice to see the post after our discussion. Yep this should be a good year.


I have one main goal for 2010:

To release something new each month for the whole year.

I don’t know what those 12 somethings are going to be yet. I’ve already released a WordPress plugin and I’m coding another one for February. I’ve an idea for a webservice for March. From then on I don’t know.

My rules that I am following:

1. Updates to already-running sites, code, products, etc don’t count, must be something brand new.
2. Blog posts or articles don’t count.
3. I have to release it at the end of the month, finished or not.

I got some stuff done last year but I sat on my hands and wondered “what if?” on a bunch of other stuff. This year I’m diving into my ideas and making them happen.

All the best for the year ahead!


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