NTV Money Maker: Win $10,000 To Produce A New Web Series

The yet-to-be-launched episodic video content site Hitvidi.com just announced a new contest that promises ten online video makers $10,000 each to finance the production of new shows. Producers have until May 1st to come up with a proposal for an original series as well as shoot the pilot episode.

Hitvidi.com claims to be open for all genres, but there’s a bit of pressure to create something that’s gonna generate lots of views. After all, the site’s claim is “the space for hit shows.” You know, just in case you needed the meaning of the site’s name spelled out.

Hitvidi.com aims to open to the public this fall, and the winners of the contest are supposed to premiere their shows on the site during its launch. Creators are promised a split of ad revenue on top of the $10,000 production budget, but it’s unclear what exactly the conditions will be.

Speaking of money: The ten lucky winners won’t receive the $10,000 up front, but prorated throughout the first season of their show, meaning that you’d get a little bit each time you deliver a new episode. Runner-ups may apparently also be offered a chance to produce their show for Hitvidi.com at a later time.

As always with web contests, it’s worth reading the fine print before committing. This page mentions a right of first refusal, as well as another important detail: “All monies awarded are valued in Canadian funds.” Luckily, the difference isn’t as much as it used to be. 10,000 Canadian dollars comes out to about 9,700 green ones.

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