Martin Luther King, Jr. — Past, Present and Future


Last year, to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, we assembled videos of the man doing what he did best — speaking out and inspiring others. This year, though, let’s look a little bit more at the impact he had on the world around him.

The official Biography YouTube channel has put together a five-minute bio on King, beginning with his early education before examining his role in the civil rights movement.

And ABC News has uploaded the original announcement of King’s assassination, though it’s not available for embedding.

Stanford University’s Clayborne Carson, a historian and director of the MLK Jr. Research and Education Institute, meanwhile, theorizes on what King would have thought about the state of America today, mentioning that King would potentially have been much more committed to issues of social justice over civil rights.

But here’s where his impact can really being seen — in the recap provided by young Riorden, who tells YouTube user MissGhettoPanCakes everything he learned about King in school that day.


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Every once in a while, down through the pages of time, the life and works of one man forever changes the lives of millions of people. Martin Luther King, Jr. was such a man.

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