Coffee Break: Say Hello to the Magic Mouse


This is not new technology, but as of a few minutes ago it is new to me. I finally swung by the Apple Store and picked up a Magic Mouse of my very own. It took all of 30 seconds to unpack it and get it paired up to my MacBook. I’ve been using it for all of five minutes but I’m already ready liking the way the multitouch gestures work. I had to enable right-clicking in the preferences (what’s up with that, Apple?), and so far I am just using the default gestures.

One of my concerns was how well the Magic Mouse would work with Firefox, but I needn’t have worried. Scrolling works fine with either one or two fingers, and even the swipe left and right works in Firefox. I’ll have to hold off final judgement as to whether it’s worth the $69 I paid for it, but so far it’s been pretty nice. Before anyone asks, yes, you have to remove it from the plastic case before using it. :)


Phil Lee

I prefer BetterTouchTool. It was developed from Multiclutch and provides lots of configuration options for the MagicMouse as well as the trackpad on the MacBook.

Greg Ward

I’ve had to stop using mine. I had the “eats batteries” issue widely reported on the web. It seems that Apple have messed up the bluetooth – so I’ll go back to my Magic Mouse when there’s an update.

btw in my case (and most but not all others I think) it’s not the MM on it’s own. But if you have a bt wireless keyboard as well, you need to check if one or the other device is eating batteries – if so you too may have the bt problem! In my case my kb was getting through a set of batteries in around a week. Since going back to the Mighty Mouse the problem has gone away.


Funny…I just did the same thing the other day. The Mighty Mouse (Apple should be embarrassed by this product) went south on my iMac (like the 3rd one), and I just bought the Magic Mouse. Overall, I really like it.

On my work machine (Macbook), I’m using a Logitech VX Revolution, which has been great, because I have plenty of buttons mapped for different apps & functions. Obviously the Magic Mouse is buttonless. I downloaded the Magic Prefs app, but am not having good luck with it (maybe I need to spend more time with it). Has anyone else found ease in customizing gestures for opening apps, etc…or should I maybe just look to another app to do that. I’m trying to decide whether I should abandon the Logitech on my Macbook in favor of a Magic Mouse there also… thoughts?

Ed C

I’ve had my Magic Mouse since November. The device takes some getting used to and it seems that most people who’ve used it either love it or hate it. I personally like mine, with the exception that the surface seems overly sensitive and I find myself scrolling when I didn’t mean to. Also, the mouse tracking is rather slow, but that can be changed from the terminal (or a stand-alone utility). Overall, I like the Magic Mouse.


Ditto what James posted. Get Better Touch Tool (it’s free) to make your Magic Mouse a Super Magic Mouse!


I get between 3 Or 4 months of battery. If I use it a lot, then 3 months.


Hey James welcome to the club. I also have the Magic Mouse and really like it. Works great with my Macbook, and when using the Parallels with Windows 7 Ulitimate it also works. I think you’ll like using the magic mouse and keep it.

@Dan if your using just windows 7 then you’ll loose some of the features of the magic mouse. It will become more like a basic mouse. Not sure if Apple has released the correct software for using the magic mouse with all the multi touch features under Windows 7. I also have BootCamp setup so I can tell you it doesn’t work with all the multi touch features with straight Windows 7. I might have to check if Apple has released the correct software.

By the way James if you keep it in the plastic case it stays much cleaner. ;)


Does it work with Win 7, and if so how well. My wife has the use of only one hand and curious if the multi-touch could make things easier for her.

Kevin C. Tofel

I paired the Magic Mouse with my Toshiba netbook running Windows 7 and it worked fine as a traditional mouse. Although I didn’t research it too much, I didn’t have any multitouch functionality. Results will likely vary based on the driver used — some folks report that touch scrolling works, but I haven’t read of any multitouch success in Windows.

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