Gartner: Consumers Will Spend $6.2 Billion On Apps This Year; Only $600k From Ads


The app market really heated up this year and shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, a report from Gartner says. But the revenue is going to come mostly from consumers, not advertising for at least some time. The consultant’s report expects to see consumers spend $6.2 billion in 2010 in mobile app stores. In contrast, ad revenue is projected to generate only $600k about $600 million globally. While it looks like people are ready to pay for the apps they want, Gartner added that free apps’ dominance is assured. Specifically, the report says that mobile app stores will exceed 4.5 billion downloads this year, with eight out of ten of those apps will be of the free variety. That trend is likely to continue. Over time, worldwide downloads in mobile app stores will surpass 21.6 billion by 2013. Free downloads will account for 82 per cent of all downloads in 2010, and will account for 87 per cent of downloads in 2013.

Taking a wider look, global app stores

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