Earth2Tech Week in Review


Why A123 Threw Down for Fisker & Who’s Next: Why did A123Systems (s AONE) pledge this week to invest $23 million in Fisker Automotive in addition to supplying  battery systems and collaborating with the startup on its next-gen vehicle? Here’s two reasons.

Cali’s Utilities Won’t Be Able to Meet 2010 State RPS: California utilities won’t be able to meet the state renewable portfolio standard, or RPS, which demands that 20 percent of their electricity comes from clean power by 2010, according to a new report.

20 Battery Startups Hitting the Road With Lithium-ion: Much has changed since we first put together our list of 13 startups working on lithium-ion batteries for vehicles. This is our updated list, now with 20 battery startups (working on battery cells, materials, management systems and other tech) you should know about.

Prysm Aims for Energy Efficient Displays, with Frickin’ Lasers!: Lasers have performed wonders over the years but can they push display technology into an era of super-efficient screens? One San Jose, Calif.-based startup is betting on it.

EGG-energy: The Netflix of Batteries for the Developing World: This will be a huge year for EGG-energy, a startup offering a subscription-based battery service in Tanzania where customers can pick up a fully-charged battery on the way to work or while shopping for groceries, and a few days later swap out the empty battery for another charged one.

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