Tasty Awards Honor the Delicious Side of Web Content


Focusing on a specific realm of the food world has been prolific fodder for many producers of web content, a fact reflected by last night’s Tasty Awards in San Francisco, where several creators working in the space were celebrated for their achievements.

Frogwater Media’s Naked Wine Show, for example, pulled off an upset win over Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library TV in the Best Critic or Review Series, while Average Betty won Best Home Chef in a Series.

In addition, the YouTube-hosted The Adventures of Jolene Sugarbaker took home the Best Comedy award, while the Culinary Institute of America’s podcast won the Best Food Program — Web prize.

Honorees included Next New Networks’ Hungry Nation TV as a Breakout Foodie and Hulu, YouTube (s GOOG), the iPhone (s APPL), and the Flip HD camera as Outstanding Technological Innovations. And while Wine Library TV didn’t pick up any awards, Gary V. didn’t go home empty-handed; he was honored with the Tastemaker of the Year Award.

The Tasty Awards were determined by both audience voting and a panel of experts, and will be partially broadcast in February 2010 as well as distributed via Hulu. A complete winners list can be seen here.

An observation from this list: While the web video world was well-represented in the food categories, there wasn’t nearly as much competition in the fashion world. Perhaps a field of interest for entrepreneurs in the space to consider, though don’t expect to replace Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn — that way lies madness.


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